inViu OpenCellID!

collects the GPS coordinates of GSM cell towers for the open source project OpenCellID• sends the collected data automatically or manually to the O...

inViu OpenCellID alternatives

  • Tower Collector

  • This app collects GPS locations of GSM/UMTS/LTE/CDMA cell towers and sends them to database. It is designed to help map the extent o...

    tags: cell-network mapping network-analyzer network-scanner
    platform: Android OpenCellID
  • openBmap

  • is a community project to collect informations on cell tower and wifi base stations and bring them on a map.The project itself was f...

    tags: cell-network geolocation network-scanner wifi-map
    platform: Online Android Android Tablet F-Droid
  • Mozilla Stumbler

  • Mozilla is a nonprofit project and global community building a better internet. Mozilla Stumbler is an open-source wireless network scanner that co...

    tags: cell-tower-mapping geolocation gps-location-tracking location location-based
    platform: Online Android Android Tablet