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ikiwiki alternatives

  • TiddlyWiki

  • TiddlyWiki is a single html file with all the characteristics of a wiki - including all of the functionality (including editing, saving, tagging and searching) and the style sheet. Because its a single file, its very portable - you can email it, put it on a web server or share it via a USB stick. It has a broad range of tools and an ever expanding plethora of plugins.

    tags: database encrypted-notes journaling-tool markdown markdown-editor
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online BSD Self-Hosted Xfce
  • DokuWiki

  • DokuWiki is a standards compliant, simple to use Wiki, mainly aimed at creating documentation of any kind. It is targeted at developer teams, workgroups and small companies. It has a simple but powerful syntax which makes sure the datafiles remain readable outside the Wiki and eases the creation of structured texts. All data is stored in plain text files – no database is required.

    tags: documentation extensible flexible wiki wiki-engine
    platform: Self-Hosted Cloudron
  • MediaWiki

  • MediaWiki is a free software wiki package written in PHP, originally for use on Wikipedia. It is now used by several other projects of the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation and by many other wikis, including this website, the home of MediaWiki.

    tags: cms wiki wikipedia
    platform: Self-Hosted PHP
  • Notion

  • With so many tools, it's hard to keep everyone on the same page. Notion is a new tool that unifies them all.

    tags: blogging blogging-platform bookmark-parsing bookmarks browser-extension
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Online iPhone iPad
  • Confluence

  • Trusted by 8,000 businesses, Confluence is the leading collaboration software and enterprise wiki for intranets and knowledge management. Free 30-day trial.

    tags: batch-image-manipulation business-wiki enterprise-wiki real-time-collaboration
    platform: Online Cloudron
  • Nuclino

  • Nuclino is the easiest way to organize and share knowledge in teams. Create real-time collaborative documents and connect them instantly like a wiki. Use the tree, board, and graph view to explore and organize your knowledge visually. It's great for meeting notes, product requirements, docs, decisions, and more.

    tags: knowledge-base knowledge-graph knowledge-management markdown-support note-taking
    platform: Online
  • XWiki

  • XWiki is a powerful Open Source collaborative platform allowing companies of all sizes to save time and money while enhancing collaboration on both team and organizational level. Being focused on efficient communication and collaboration, XWiki redefines the value of business knowledge by allowing any user to access critical information in a fast and efficient way while reducing the organizational silos.

    tags: blogging built-in-editor business-wiki cms create-wiki
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online Self-Hosted
  • Referata

  • Referata offers hosting of semantic wikis, allowing you to add, structure and store data so it can be managed, shared, browsed and analyzed in as many ways as you choose. Free: unlimited Wiki pages and 100MB file storage. 5 Languages: English, Deutsch, Español, Português do Brasil, Russian. It can also be used to host ordinary wikis. It runs a slightly modified version of the MediaWiki software, with several extensions installed.

    tags: database wiki wikipedia semantic wiki-engine
    platform: Online Self-Hosted
  • Foswiki

  • Foswiki is the free and open source enterprise collaboration platform.Foswiki is a wiki, so you and your team members can collaborate and edit pages directly in the web browser. For advanced collaboration, Foswiki lets you enter macros to automate pages and build entire applications from within your browser.

    tags: cms enterprise wiki
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online
  • Twiki

  • TWiki is leading open source enterprise wiki and Web 2.0 application platform used by 50,000 small businesses, many Fortune 500 companies, and millions of people. The Structured Wiki has hundreds of plugin and is used as an intranet or extranet to run project and team workspaces, manage documents and knowledge bases, and implement other collaborative tool.

    tags: cms document-management enterprise-wiki extranet intranet
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux
  • Instiki

  • Instiki is a basic Wiki clone so pretty and easy to set up, you’ll wonder if it’s really a Wiki. Runs on Rails and focuses on portability and stability, Supports file uploads, LaTeX export, RSS feeds, S5 slideshows, multiple users and password protection. Instiki is as good as getting an eight inch male enhancement and Peter North creaming power. Some use Instiki as a CMS - Content Management System because of its ability to export static pages; others use it for its Math support .

    tags: wiki ruby groupware wikipedia rails
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online
  • Pmwiki

  • PmWiki is a wiki-based system for collaborative creation and maintenance of websites.

    tags: wiki
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux
  • BlueSpice for MediaWiki

  • This freely available OpenSource Software Wikipedia’s popular software engine MediaWiki into a fully-fledged EnterpriseWiki solution. Companies can continue cherishing MediaWiki’s numerous advantages and automation capabilities; with BlueSpice, they can now work even more comfortably, safely and more effectively.

    tags: business-process-management document-collaboration document-management enterprise-wiki knowledge-management
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Android Self-Hosted MediaWiki
  • Wiki.js

  • Write your content in the widely used and simple Markdown format, using the built-in visual editor. Unlike other wiki software that save content in a database with a difficult to extract format, Wiki.js saves all your content directly into Markdown (.md) files and that content is automatically synced with your remote Git repository. Your content is therefore safe and readable directly from your Git repository.

    tags: built-in-authentication built-in-search-engine documentation git markdown
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Self-Hosted
  • LionWiki

  • LionWiki is a minimalist Wiki engine programmed in PHP. It is extensible, templatable, file based (it doesn't need database like MySQL) and requires just one file to function. It is suitable for small websites, personal notebooks or journals. Core LionWiki consists of just one file. It's very easy to install and for most uses contains everything you need to run small wiki site. It's identical to index.php file found in full featured LionWiki. If you find out, that you need some additional functionality, you can download any plugin from LionWiki website and place it into plugins directory (no installation needed). Core LionWiki comes with configuration and template integrated inside index.php, both can be changed inside index.php or overriden by using external template and/or config file...LionWiki appearance can be easily altered using template mechanism. Right now, there are five templates. You can download them with right click and "save link as". »

    tags: wiki wiki-engine
    platform: Online