ijTalk alternatives

  • Busuu

  • busuu.com is a free online community for learning languages. Connect for free with native speakers worldwide. Enhance your language learning with our online languages courses.

    tags: learn-a-language language-courses native-speakers
    platform: Online Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad Apple Watch
  • HiNative

  • HiNative is a Q&A service to ask questions to native speakers about their languages and countries. You can ask questions easily with its prepared question formats.

    tags: learn-a-language online-education questions-and-answers
    platform: Online Android iPhone iPad
  • Mondly

  • Learn 33 languages in 500 bite-size lessons and 14 conversational modules. Be on your way to fluency by mastering the most essential 5000 words and phrases spoken by professional voice actors.

    tags: learn-a-language learn-english learn-spanish learn-french learn-german
    platform: Online Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad Apple Watch
  • Italki

  • LEARN WITH REAL PEOPLEWe believe that the key thing that is missing from language education is people. We built italki to make human connections between language learners and language teachers. On our platform, you can find a teacher from the US to tutor you in English, or a person in China to practice Chinese with you.We believe that everyone can become fluent in any foreign language with a teacher.

    tags: community-based learn-a-language
    platform: Online
  • Speaky

  • Find and meet native speakers from all around the world. Browse our community to find your ideal language partner and enjoy improving your language skills.

    tags: learn-a-language multi-language real-time-collaboration social-network
    platform: Online Android iPhone
  • Langcer

  • Find Language TutorLagcer allows you to search for language tutors matching your needs from around the world.

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    platform: Online
  • Hope Speak

  • Find Best Partner Online via Learning a Foreign Language:

    tags: integrated-chat learn-a-language
    platform: Online
  • Palabea

  • As an international community, palabea connects people who share the same interests in learning languages and in discovering different cultures. It is without a doubt an full-on educational platform. Users can upload most anything relevant a modern learning experience. Documents, videos, podcasts. There’s even a place to hold virtual classrooms. Want to connect with particular site members? You may. Want to take your language learning to another level and consult with language specialists and schools? You can do that, too. »

    tags: Discontinued online-education speaking peer-to-peer-learning
    platform: Online Discontinued
  • LangParty

  • LangParty is a language exchange website which connects language learners.

    tags: social-network educational learn-a-language chat-rooms language-exchange
    platform: Windows Linux Online
  • EuroTalk

  • The Language Learning Specialists, with over 120 languages.

    tags: educational educational-game language-courses learn-a-language
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Android iPhone iPad
  • Upmind

  • Upmind is the first smart gaming app that lets you learn foreign words fast and easy. Funny pics, enthralling tests and even live examples from Twitter. Learn while playing!

    tags: educational learn-a-language learn-spanish native-speakers
    platform: iPhone
  • Rype

  • Rype offers quality private language lessons for 1/10th the cost of a language school.

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    platform: Online