Create your own web-based dashboard with drag-and-drop web gadgets at igHome. Keeping with the innovation and ease of use of services like the form...

igHome alternatives

  • Papaly

  • Papaly.com is a personalized start page that is your go-to bookmark manager that fits all your needs. You’re able to sync your bookmarks fast and e...

    tags: bookmark-manager bookmark-organize bookmark-storage bookmark-sync bookmarking
    platform: Online iPhone Chrome OS Vivaldi Browser Google Chrome Firefox
  • start.me

  • start.me is a premium bookmark manager. It helps users spend less time digging for links and more time browsing them. The product is rich in featur...

    tags: bookmark-manager bookmark-organize bookmark-parsing bookmarking bookmarks
    platform: Online Internet Explorer Vivaldi Browser Google Chrome Safari Torch Browser Pale Moon Firefox
  • Netvibes

  • Netvibes is a multi-lingual Ajax-based personalized start page or personal web portal much like Pageflakes, My Yahoo!, iGoogle, and Microsoft Live.

    tags: news rss feed-reader atom rss-feeds
    platform: Online
  • FVD Speed Dial

  • FVD Speed Dial - Speed dial button, Online Synchronization, New Tab Start Page, Organize bookmarks, Custom backgrounds, custom dials, organized gro...

    tags: chrome-extension firefox-extension new-tab-page speed-dial start-page
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Google Chrome Firefox
  • My Yahoo

  • A web portal combines your favorite parts of Yahoo! and the Web into one place. You can choose what you want to see and hear: email, news, weather,...

    tags: https-support igoogle-import news news-aggregator news-feed
    platform: Online
  • Dash Dashboards

  • Dash is web-based dashboard software focused on attractive design. Like iGoogle , you can build dashboards that show you news, weather, and RSS. It...

    tags: built-in-rss-reader dashboards personal-homepage social-media web-based
    platform: Online
  • Wibki

  • Wibki is a free easy way to save, share and discover your web.Enjoy the perfect browsing experience! It is a visual bookmarking and discovery servi...

    tags: discover-websites online-bookmarks personalized-homepage share-website touch-screen-optimized
    platform: Online
  • MyFav.es

  • Myfaves - Pick your favorite websites, set as your homepage.

    tags: email-deliverability online-service personalized-homepage start-page
    platform: Online
  • Protopage

  • The best iGoogle alternative. Chris Pirillo calls Protopage "The best designed".

    tags: bookmarks gadgets personal-homepage rss-feed-reader stock-watchlist
    platform: Online
  • All My Faves

  • If you can’t be bothered with looking for good sites and building a homepage, there is the perfect service for you. Why search? is the essence of A...

    tags: integrated-search online-bookmarks personal-homepage
    platform: Online iPhone
  • atchus!

  • [Available languages: Spanish and English. You can change the language only after the registration, in the atchus! settings.]

    tags: google-reader-import personalized-homepage rss-feed-reader share-news social-media-integration
    platform: Online
  • Awesome HQ

  • Awesome HQ is your dashboard for everything. Apps, custom shortcuts, and widgets in the most customizable interface for both desktop and mobile. Ar...

    tags: bookmarks igoogle-like integrated-search online-bookmarks personal-homepage
    platform: Online
  • Start.io

  • Make awesome homepages that are simple and wonderful.

    tags: personal-homepage personalized-homepage
    platform: Online
  • Symbaloo

  • Symbaloo is a personal start page, your personal desktop for the Internet. By clicking on a block you surf easily to your favorite websites such as...

    tags: news rss rss-feed-reader widgets gadgets
    platform: Online
  • Mywebgrid

  • Personalized homepage. Free Online Storage. Clever RSS Reader. Project management software for online collaboration. One page, several tools. No pa...

    tags: news rss rss-feed-reader widgets gadgets
    platform: Online