Work with your team whenever you want and achieve results faster. Without effort. Results are automatically computed and documented (PDF, Word or Excel.

IdeaClouds alternatives

  • MindMeister

  • MindMeister is the market-leader in online mind mapping. Unlike traditional mind mapping tools, MindMeister allows for real-time brainstorming sessions between an unlimited number of users and requires only a standard web browser.MindMeister's intuitive editor is perfect for taking notes, brainstorming ideas, planning projects and outlining all sorts of texts. Users can choose between the classical mind map layout and org chart mode, and can export their mind maps into various formats like MS Word, PowerPoint, PDF, PNG etc. With its built-in presentation mode, users can also turn their mind maps into slideshows within seconds, and present them on the big screen or broadcast them to their collaborators. »

    tags: brainstorming collaborative-writing meeting-minutes mind-mapping note-taking
  • RealtimeBoard

  • RealtimeBoard is the simplest and versatile visual collaboration tool for teams that work in a digital environment. RealtimeBoard is perfect for remote collaboration, brainstorming, visual planning, organizing thoughts, gathering feedback and review, creating concepts and online tutoring.

    tags: agile agile-board agile-board-software agile-kanban-scrum-tool agile-project-management
  • Stormboard

  • Online Brainstorming and Collaboration. Brainstorm, organize, prioritize and act on the best ideas, in the same room or around the world, on a realtime sticky note whiteboard.

    tags: Portable brainstorm brainstorming collaboration-software online-service
  • Ideaflip

  • Ideaflip is an ingenious tool for evolving ideas together in an organic, kinetic way.

    tags: affinity-diagram audio-conferencing brainstorm brainstorming concept-map
  • Conceptboard

  • Conceptboard goes beyond the idea of online whiteboards and adds realtime collaboration, document sharing, visual feedback, task management, live meetings and more.

    tags: access-control document-sharing export-to-png google-drive-integration live-meeting
  • BlankCanvas

  • We've intentionally designed Blank Canvas to be as powerfully simple as stickies on a wall. Lightweight. Frictionless. Intuitive. Unlike project management tools, Blank Canvas doesn't force you to think in terms of lists and hierachies. How you structure information on a wall rests entirely with you and your creative process, giving you the flexibility needed for unconstrained thinking. Whether you're designing value propositions or user story maps, you'll feel right at home. It's as close as it gets to collaborating on a real physical wall. Teams work together in a live real-time environment. With Blank Canvas Professional, you can create workspaces to organize walls for collaborators within and outside your organization. The simple workspace model also works well for breaking out into smaller groups during workshops. A canvas is a visual template that serves as a framework for understanding, exploring and decision-making. We're always adding and curating new canvases for you to use on your interactive Blank Canvas walls. Say goodbye to downloading and working off of PDFs and powerpoints and start collaborating in the cloud. With Blank Canvas Professional, you can instantly turn an image into an interactive web-based canvas that you can share with your clients, stakeholders, team members or prospects. Your canvas will also get a dedicated page that you can share with others. We will never claim to own your canvases and you will always maintain attribution. We're also interested in helping you create canvases for any visual frameworks that others will also find useful. Affinity mapping is a common brainstorming technique that allows teams to organize ideas and information into meaningful groups based on natural relationships. And unlike affinity mapping in physical spaces, you can create multiple versions of mappings without having to redo everything. With the click of a button, you can instantly form a hangout around a wall. »

    tags: brainstorming design-tools discussion visual-thinking wireframes
  • Bluescape

  • Unlike other collaboration solutions, Bluescape is hardware and software agnostic. It works with your favorite apps and is accessible from any device wherever you choose to work.

    tags: canvas cloud-based collaboration-software interactive-whiteboard real-time-collaboration
  • GroupMap

  • GroupMap lets you think better together. It is a collaborative decision making tool which lets participants efficiently brainstorm ideas, discuss the results and decide on the best solution. You can choose your own brainstorming style, decide how you want people to provide responses and get results in real time or as a downloaded report. Used by organisations to innovate, facilitate workshops and engage their audiences, GroupMap offers a great platform to organize and prioritize ideas.

    tags: agile-scrum-tool brainstorm change-management conflict-management decision-making
  • Kanvasroom

  • From Content to Creation. One place to Create. Explore your creative limit with interactive team whiteboards and presentations.Clearly communicate ideas between team members by video chatting, messaging, and setting goals.You can now find creatives and work with them all in one place. Now that's easy.Meet Deadlines.Keep your team on track by using group calendars to set benchmarks and assign projects.One platform to help your organize files, find creative talent and pay them.Welcome to the future of collaboration, everything you need in one place. »

    tags: chat-clients collaborative-whiteboard document-management interactive-whiteboard note-taking
  • Vor Board

  • Vor Board is an online Whiteboard that lets you seamlessly search the internet, intuitively explore ideas, save your progress and share the fruits of your labor. Input is the most important feature for our online whiteboard. It is hard to input text into large surfaces and small tablets while standing up. Our solution is to use Highly accurate handwriting recognition powered by machine learning. This allows easy input, free from physical and virtual keyboards.

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