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  • Fancy

  • Fancy is part store, blog, magazine and wishlist. It's a place to discover great stuff, to curate a collection of things you love, to get updates on your favorite brands and stores and to share your discoveries.

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  • TrendLiker

  • Discover amazing products on Amazon and get notified when they go on sale.

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    platform: Online Google Chrome
  • Gifteehub

  • Every year millions of people struggle to find great gifts. They browse the web from online shop to online shop hoping to find that special present for that special that one. Gifteehub wants to put an end to all this suffering.

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  • Imperagive

  • Imperagive users are individuals who want to simplify shopping, save time, meet obligations and enhance relationships.

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  • Canopy

  • Canopy is a tool for discovering great products on Amazon through community curated suggestions.

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  • Gidi

  • Introducing Gidi, a Facebook messenger app that helps you find the perfect gift for any occasion: birthdays, holidays, anniversaries and more.

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    platform: Online Facebook Messenger
  • Perfect Gift

  • One of the most fun parts about celebrating a birthday (or really, any gift-giving holiday) is choosing JUST the right present for your giftee. Nothing beats seeing someone’s face light up when they open your present… but we all know that it’s not always easy to find the perfect gift.A big part of successful gift-giving is just knowing the person you’re giving a gift to—what their hobbies and interests are, what makes them smile, or what they just can’t live without. But it also helps to understand a little bit about how they think about presents—we like to call it their “gift personality.” »

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