iTorch alternatives

  • Torch

  • Torch is an open source utility which uses your device's LED camera flash as an LED flashlight. For devices without a camera flash, Torch will turn the screen white.

    tags: flashlight led
    platform: Android
  • Warning Lights

  • Rotating warning/emergency light in your pocket in two bright colors.

    tags: emergency-light
    platform: iPhone iPad
  • Flashlight

  • Grow small plants in your pocket. Build a new Pharos of Alexandria. Interrogate suspects. Find your keys. The only limit is your imagination!

    tags: flashlight no-permissions screen-brightness white-screen
    platform: Android
  • Flashlight LED

  • Flashlight LED is a simple and handy tool that works perfectly on every touch device (iPhone, iPod touch and iPad). This is the fastest flashlight on the App Store. One simple click will instantly brighten the night around you.

    tags: Discontinued flash flashlight
    platform: iPhone Discontinued
  • Bright LED Flashlight Plus

  • Make use of your Smartphone camera flash as a torch light with Bright LED Flashlight Plus. LED flashlight is an awesome android application available on Google Play, which can turn your mobile phone into a torch, with the brightest LED flashlight. LED flashlight is a simple, easy and effective torch light app. You can customize your LED flashlight color, background, text, blink speed and much more.

    tags: mobile-apps mobile-app flashlight led led-flashlight-app
    platform: Android
  • Flashlight - LED Power

  • LED flashlight and batteryIs easy on your phone.A quick and simple interface.Does not share your information with anyone. (Has no link to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram )Real-time 3D phone has a battery indicator.

    tags: flash lighting
    platform: Android Android Tablet