iThemes Security!

Protect and defend your WordPress site with iThemes Security, the best WordPress security plugin.

After you install and activate the Pro version it's safe to deactivate and delete the free version. All current settings will be preserved. Next, you’ll still want to review your settings as there are new features you will be able to use. Why does iThemes Security require the latest WordPress version? Can't I use a slightly older version? One of the best security practices for a WordPress site owner is keeping software up to date. Because of this, we only test this plugin on the latest stable version of WordPress and will only guarantee it works in the latest version. Can a WordPress security plugin completely stop all attacks on my site? No. iThemes Security is designed to help improve the security of your WordPress installation from many common attack methods, but it cannot p

iThemes Security alternatives

  • Acunetix

  • Audit your website security and web applications for SQL injection, Cross site scripting and other web vulnerabilities with Acunetix Web Security S...

    tags: website-security
    platform: Windows Online Wordpress
  • Sucuri

  • Sucuri is the de facto standard in website malware monitoring and cleanup. You get hacked, get a virus or trojan, we clean up the mess! No need to ...

    tags: malware-remover web-monitoring website-monitoring wordpress
    platform: Online Wordpress
  • Wordfence

  • The Wordfence WordPress security plugin provides free enterprise-class WordPress security, protecting your website from hacks and malware.

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    platform: Self-Hosted Wordpress
  • Virusdie

  • Clean and protect your websites like a security expert easy and fast. Virusdie helps you clean your websites from malware automatically. Shows mali...

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    platform: Linux Online
  • 6Scan

  • 6Scan is a full service security solution for your small business website.

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    platform: Self-Hosted Wordpress
  • All In One WP Security and Firewall

  • The All In One WordPress Security and Firewall is the ultimate security plugin that will take your website’s security to a whole new level.

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    platform: Self-Hosted Wordpress
  • Shield Security

  • 8x strong firewall rulesetsCustomized firewall responsesAdministrator and per-page firewall whitelistSuper/security administratorRestrict administr...

    tags: wordpress scanner protection website-security
    platform: Windows Linux Online iControlWP Wordpress
  • Defender

  • Get regular security scans, vulnerability reports, safety recommendations and customized hardening for your site in just a few clicks. Defender is ...

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    platform: Self-Hosted Wordpress
  • Actifend

  • According to InternetLiveStats, over 2 million websites get hacked every month. In this situation, you should be prepared for the eventuality of be...

    tags: secure-web web-application-security web-security web-security-scanner web-security-testing
    platform: Android Wordpress
  • WPN Security

  • We have 24/7 customer and technical support because we know how crucial it is for our customers their website to working again as soon as possible....

    tags: malware-protection malware-remover malware-scan security-auditing security-testing
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad Self-Hosted Wordpress
  • BulletProof Security

  • BulletProof Security is a complete website security package for WordPress.

    tags: security-utilities wordpress-plugin
    platform: Self-Hosted Wordpress
  • Report Attacks

  • This plugin improve login security, create a blacklist of IP addresses and reports brute force login attempts attacks.

    tags: reporting report
    platform: Linux Wordpress