Haproxy alternatives

  • gobetween

  • Modern & minimalistic proxy server for the Cloud era.

    tags: load-balancer load-balancing proxy proxy-server server-software
  • Træfik

  • Imagine that you have deployed a bunch of microservices on your infrastructure. You probably used a service registry (like etcd or consul) and/or an orchestrator (swarm, Mesos/Marathon) to manage all these services. If you want your users to access some of your microservices from the Internet, you will have to use a reverse proxy and configure it using virtual hosts or prefix paths:

    tags: docker high-availability http https kubernetes
  • iNetFusion+

  • Choose the highway to internet, speedify your internet.We at Endpoint Dynamics believe in making technology accessible, available to all. Keeping this vision in mind we built iNetFusion that can make the huge resources of internet linger at your finger tips in seconds. Be it a Gigabit file or just surfing the internet, do it all at the click of a button. Bit torrent downloaders don’t need to wait it out to download their favorite content. Exploit all the internet connections at your disposal to finish work early and make time for life. iNetFusion is a revolution in the world of internet that combines the internet speeds from your various ISP's thereby making your connnection fatter, faster and smarter »

    tags: faster-internet internet-accelerator internet-loadbalancer load-balancer multiple-internets-at-once
  • Speedify

  • Now you can combine all of your available WiFi, 3G/4G, and wired Internet connections to create a single, faster Internet connection on Mac, PC, Android, and iOS.

    tags: combine-connections connection-optimizer increase-performance load-balancing
  • Snapt

  • Snapt Balancer is one of the most advanced load balancing platforms in the world. It is cloud, VM, and software ready.

    tags: controller delivery load-balancer networking nginx
  • KEMP Load Balancer

  • Since 2000 The # Price/Performance Load Balancer starting at $1,990 - Free Trial Download. Over 20,000 users

    tags: delivery-optimization high-availability load-balancing ssl-proxy
  • Dispatch-proxy

  • Combine multiple internet connections (Wi-Fi networks/Ethernet/3G/4G) to increase your overall download speed.

    tags: download-accelerator internet-accelerator internet-connection-sharing load-balancer