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  • ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors is an open-source office suite that combines text, spreadsheet and presentation editors, distributed under AGPL license v3. You can download and use them for home, government, educational and commercial purposes without restrictions.Features:· One pack - three editors - multiple features - Create, view and edit text documents, spreadsheets and presentations of any size and complexity. Deal with multiple files within one and the same window thanks to the tab-based user interface.· Compatibility with MS Office and OpenDocument formats - Work with most popular formats: DOC, DOCX, ODT, RTF, TXT, PDF, HTML, EPUB, XPS, DjVu, XLS, XLSX, ODS, CSV, PPT, PPTX, ODP.· Quick access to broad collaborating capabilities - Connect to server and collaborate on documents with your team: co-edit in real time, review, comment and interact using chat.· Third party add-ons - Create templates, insert video from YouTube and do even more. Extend ONLYOFFICE functionality with integrated add-ons or create your own one.· Support for all popular platforms - Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, 2003, Vista (both 32-bit and 64-bit), Debian, Ubuntu and derivatives, RPM-based Linux distribution, Mac OS 10.10 or higher.· Updates and technical support - Free regular updates. Fast and professional assistance for all technical and functional issues via Forum. »

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  • PiratePad

  • Real-time collaborative text-editor. No account required. Edits highlighted in authors color. Infinite undo history. Copy of the down EtherPad.

    tags: chat-clients communications real-time-collaboration text-editor
  • Nuclino

  • Nuclino is the easiest way to organize and share knowledge in teams. Create real-time collaborative documents and connect them instantly like a wiki. Use the tree, board, and graph view to explore and organize your knowledge visually. It's great for meeting notes, product requirements, docs, decisions, and more.

    tags: knowledge-base knowledge-graph knowledge-management markdown-support note-taking
  • kune

  • kune is a social network where you can communicate, collaborate and share between equals, using different web tools: documents, calendars, chats, wiki, messages, tasks, forums, barters.

    tags: decentralized file-sharing group-chat real-time-collaboration social-network
  • Sandglaz

  • Why Sandglaz? Because other project management solutions either offer no way of agile planning... or are way too complex!

    tags: agile agile-development agile-kanban-scrum-tool agile-project-management getting-things-done
  • Rizzoma

  • Email and IM are linear contextless communication tools. Messages pile up and get lost or become redundant. There's no way to keep track of who replied to what, or which version of the conversation is the newest. Even if you sort or organize your local copy, no one else benefits from your work.

    tags: communications real-time real-time-collaboration team-collaboration
  • eduPad

  • Real-time collaborative text-editor. No account required. Edits highlighted in authors color. Infinite undo history. Syntax highlighting for editing code. Copy of Etherpad

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  • Waver

  • :

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  • Apache Wave

  • Wave is a distributed, near-real-time, rich collaboration platform that allows users to work together in new and exciting ways. Wave allows for flexible modes of communication, blending chat, email and collaborative document editing in to one seamless environment. Wave provides a lively and responsive environment that promotes more fluid and dynamic collaboration between users. The addition of Robots and Gagets allow the Wave platform to provide intelligence, integration, and customizability to the users experience. »

    tags: chat-clients communications document-collaboration real-time real-time-collaboration
  • Walkaround

  • Walkaround is a variant of Wave, based on the Apache Wave code base, that runs on App Engine. Walkaround can import waves from to allow users to keep working with their data after is shut down.

    tags: chat-clients communications real-time wave
  • co-meeting

  • co-meeting is a text-based group discussion tool. This live-typing chat tool lets you have a conversation that can also deliver the “atmosphere” which was impossible to share with your participants using traditional chat tools. co-meeting also lets you take meeting minutes during a discussion by using the real-time concurrent editing capability. Because everything is done through texting, you can have discussions without being constrained by time and location. Don’t waste your time in meetings. Don’t meet. Co-meet! »

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  • PrimaryPad

  • PrimaryPad is a free web-based word processor designed for UK primary schools that allows pupils and teachers to work together in real-time.

    tags: integrated-chat pad real-time-collaboration web-based word-processing
  • Documize

  • Documize provides an Integrated Document Environment that adapts to the business, making it dead-simple for anyone to compose & contribute content and share knowledge. A single place to compose docs and share know-how, without the mess of email, chat apps and sync folders

    tags: document-collaboration document-management enterprise help-authoring knowledge-base
  • Waveboard

  • Waveboard was a client software for Google Wave for both Mac OS X 10.5+ and iPhone OS 3.0+.

    tags: Discontinued google-wave-client
  • Colayer

  • Colayer (Collaboration layer) a web software that can be used to create a virtual organisation.The software integrates many communication needs of an organization. It offers content management system, virtual conferencing (online meetings, email and SMS notification), reporting and statistical analysis. It offers a context-driven platform to build social interactive environments using Web 2.0 and Virtual workplaces for Knowledge Sharing to Enterprises.

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