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  • CloudCompare

  • CloudCompare is a 3D point cloud (and triangular mesh) processing software. It has been originally designed to perform comparison between 3D points clouds only. It relies on a specific octree structure that enables great performances(1) relatively to this particular function. As point clouds were acquired by high data rate 3D laser scanners, CloudCompare was also meant to deal with huge point clouds (typically more than 10 millions points) on standard laptops. Rapidly, comparisonbetween a point cloud and a triangular mesh has been included (see below). Afterwards, many algorithms for point cloud processing have been integrated (registration, resampling, color/normal/scalar fields management, statistics computation, sensor management, interactive or automatic segmentation, etc.) as well as display enhancement tools (customizable color ramps, color & normal vectors handling, calibrated pictures handling, OpenGL advanced shaders and other plugins). ┬╗

    tags: scanner comparison distance point mesh
  • 3D Reshaper

  • 3DReshaper┬« is a tool for processing 3D point clouds wherever they come from: 3D scanners, digitalization, laser scanning, digitization devices... It covers the whole needs in terms of point cloud process, 3D mesh and surface reconstruction.

    tags: 3d-modeling 3d-graphics 3d-conversion photogrammetry 3d-model-viewer
  • 3DViewer

  • Outstanding features of 3DViewer are its high-speed visualization, its versatile 3D data display capabilities and its DCOM interface, which allows users access to 3DViewer from other programs. Data Exchange:- Import and export of range images from structured point clouds using data formats of extern 3D sensor manufacturers- Import and export of range images from unstructured point clouds by reconstruction of the sampling matrix- Import and export of triangle meshes using common mesh formats like 3DS, OBJ, STL, PLY, VRML, etc. ┬╗

    tags: 3d-viewer 3d-conversion point-cloud mesh-adaptation
  • Autodesk ReCap

  • ReCap: Design in context with reality capture. 3D scanning software and web services help you create intelligent 3D models from laser scans and UAV photos.Creating 3D point clouds just got easier. Use a handy mobile app, visualize your design intent with CAD models, showcase your work with a video, and more.

    tags: cloud-point-registration point-cloud