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Foboko alternatives

  • Wattpad

  • Wattpad is now the worlds most popular ebook community where readers and writers discover, share and connect. Delivering billions of pages from our library, Wattpad is one of the worlds largest collection of originally-created ebooks. Wattpad provides a powerful creative outlet and social media for undiscovered and published writers to share what they have written, and attract millions of readers. All written works are easily discovered on Wattpads website, mobile site or through the Wattpad App available on mostmobile devices including Apple iPhone/iPad, Android, BlackBerry, smartphones and Java-based. »

    tags: social-network books writing-editor ebooks stories

  • Helping you to fill that page. Write every day.

    tags: authoring-tool distraction-free-writing write-novel writing-editor writing-environment
  • Penana

  • Penana is the social publication platform exclusively designed for young and aspiring writers who have thousands of ideas to convey through fictional stories in both serial and collaborative formats.In this app, we have included the core features from our Penana web platform ( ) to provide a seamless on-the-go mobile experience to our users.

    tags: collaborative-writing fiction interactive-story reading reading-stories
  • Belletristica

  • Become part of the community. Write, publish, comment and rate texts. Advertise your books, blogs and other projects for free.

    tags: articles badges books chat-clients community-based
  • WatStory

  • WatStory is a multilingual technology platform and community for original stories and ideas across genres (fiction, non fiction..) and language. It has a native content editor to write in English, Hindi and Bengali (will be extended to other Indian and global languages). WatStory helps writers and journalists to learn their craft, test their ideas, increase their audience and build a brand. For readers WatStory provides extensive content in their chosen language. We aim to to encourage and connect the writing talent to opportunities and fill the gap in availability of local language content globally, starting with Indian local languages. »

    tags: blogging content-creation multi-language multilingual-website online-community
  • Taleship

  • Taleship is an application that enables friends to write collaboratively, taking turns, like a game. It makes writing fun, exciting, and less lonely. Taleship is the equivalent of a blank slate; a creative space for people to get together and use the turns feature to create very interesting textual creations. Users have used the app for everything from writing serious short stories, to wacky verse rhyming.

    tags: reading social-media social-network writing-editor
  • LitHive

  • Get everything that you need to rapidly publish and sell quality writing projects and build your audience.

    tags: audio-books book-reviews books bookshelf cataloging
  • PublishMonster

  • Publish unlimited ebooks into the biggest stores and keep the 100% of your royalties:- Amazon- Kobo- Barnes & Noble- Apple, etc.

    tags: authors digital-book digital-books digital-publishing drm
  • SmashWords

  • Affordable formatting for inclusion in Premium Catalog for SmashWords and Kindle Direct Publishing.

    tags: digital-book download-ebooks drm-free ebooks free-ebooks