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fnr.exe alternatives

  • Windows Grep

  • The program combines the power and flexibility of traditional command line grep utilities available on DOS, UNIX and other platforms with the ease of use of Microsoft Windows.

    tags: Discontinued filesystem regular-expression search-and-replace
  • regexxer

  • regexxer is a nifty GUI search/replace tool featuring Perl-style regular expressions. If you need project-wide substitution and you’re tired of hacking sed command lines together, then you should definitely give it a try.

    tags: development grep search-and-replace
  • Replace Text

  • Replace Text, formerly called BK ReplaceEm, is the free string-replacing utility for Windows.

    tags: file-search regular-expression find-file
  • Multi Replacer

  • A very capable Windows Grep, search, replace and data extraction tool.- Search for files using powerful text matching commands called Regular Expressions.- You can search/replace one or more than one information on one or more than one file resources.- After the searcing process you can save search results (data extraction).- Matches are shown in files list, Matches List etcYou can find Diff View Form into the program for preview before and after replace process.- Search operations can be performed according to several file formats. (csv files,fixed length text files etc.)-Multi Replacer used "Multi Thread" system. This is not effect your computer performance and Multi Thread provided quick and efficiently search operation.- While you are using Multi Search and Multi Replace on search operation, you can search one or more than information correlation for advanced search operation.- You can search or replace operation in the file or file name "File Renamer".- Unicode (UTF8) text documents supported.PDF,Microsoft Word (*.doc,*.docx) & Microsoft Excel (*.xls,xlsx) files supported (Search Only). »

    tags: data-extraction file-search grep multiple-files recursive
  • FAR - Find And Replace

  • FAR is a simple tool for search and replace operations over multiple files. You can apply ordinary "word by word" replacement, or choose to use fully featured regular expressions.

    tags: multiple-files regexp regular-expression rename-files search-and-replace
  • Word Batch Replacer

  • Word Batch Replacer is the great tool to perform batch search & replace operation on a series of MS Word documents. It can save you a bunch of time comparing to manually performing such a task.Word Batch Replacer Allows You to: Perform batch search & replace operation on MS Word files; Define unlimited number of search & replace rules in one project; Use Perl-style regular expressions; Change embedded documents' properties from "Summary" page; Change hyperlink addresses; Highlight replacements using selected color; Restore original document from backup in one click »

    tags: batch-replace regular-expression search-and-replace word-add-in
  • UltraFinder

  • UltraFinder is your personal search engine for your PC, network, and remote servers!

    tags: file-search utility-computing
  • Text Workbench

  • Text Workbench is the universal search and replace tool featuring full Unicode and UTF-8 support. Text Workbench will save you hours of manual editing you spend to update your files at your local disks or on FTP server.

    tags: grep regular-expression search-and-replace
  • Actual Search And Replace

  • Actual Search And Replace is an advanced tool to perform the search and replace operations across multiple text files. It supports the regular expressions syntax. The batch replace operation allows to execute a lot of various replacements with one click.

    tags: batch-mode regular-expression search-and-replace
  • Advanced Find and Replace

  • Advanced Find and Replace - Search local documents and replace entire paragraphs. Supports Regular Expressions.

    tags: grep page search-and-replace webmaster
  • KFileReplace

  • KFileReplace is a KDE utility that replace some strings with others in a lot of files in an only operation. Then it's very easy to update some URLs, filenames, ... which are written in all files of a project. Without KFileReplace, you must replace each string with a newer, in each file, with a text editor.

    tags: development find-files