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Flapps alternatives

  • Paymo

  • Paymo is an online project management application that helps you deliver projects on time and on budget by eliminating bottlenecks through accurate time tracking & reporting.Paymo can help you with task management & collaboration, time tracking, invoicing, estimates & expenses.

    tags: automatic-time-tracking electronic-invoicing gantt-charts google-drive-integration integrated-file-sharing
  • TopTracker

  • TopTracker enables team leads and individuals to effortlessly track progress with transparent and intuitive reports.

    tags: productivity-tool freelancing time-tracking
  • BillQuick

  • BillQuick time tracking, billing and project management software is an ideal solution for all service professionals. BillQuick will eliminate your billing pains. It is designed to help firms increase performance, streamline processes and make decisions faster. With different editions to choose from, BillQuick scales to meet the needs of any firm size.

    tags: billing expense-tracking invoicing project-management time-billing
  • ClickTime

  • ClickTime offers powerful, easy to use time and expense tracking on the web or on your smartphone.

    tags: accounting-project-management budgeting cost-accounting employee-time-tracking expense-tracking
  • Fanurio

  • Fanurio provides freelancers with the right tools to track time, manage projects and invoice their clients so they can get paid for their work.

    tags: billing expense-tracking freelancing invoicing invoicing-for-freelancers
  • Timble

  • Timble is a super easy to use time tracker and productivity tool designed for IT teams. It's a hub, which aggregates tasks and projects from multiple external tools. Timble helps developers organize their everyday work, minimizes distractions and takes the hassle out of time tracking and reporting. Teams using Timble have repeatedly shown a 15% increase in productivity.

    tags: developers it-professionals jira jira-client programmers
  • Timepot

  • Timepot is a time tracking and reporting tool. It allows to manually or automatically track time spent on various tasks within projects. It makes it extremely easy to log billable hours and analyze your projects' progress. All reports provided by the system can be exported to CSV or PDF files. Timepot provides also a vacation tracking module and profitability reports that cover both fixed-price and time & materials projects.

    tags: chrome-extension gmail-integration jira-integration team-collaboration time-management
  • Paylocity

  • Mission

    tags: billing employee-time-clock expense-tracking human-resources-management invoicing
  • Tokk

  • Tokk helps you keep track of your time & tasks. Create to-do lists. Plan your day. track your time and generate detailed reports of your time & tasks.

    tags: time-scheduling time-tracking
  • [email protected]

  • [email protected] does not only allow you to manage the working hours but also to evaluate the quality of the work.

    tags: time-management time-tracking time-tracking-tool management-software manage-time