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* FileBot Subtitles for Mac: FileBot_Subtitles_Installer.pkg
12&t 3350 * FileBot command-line tools for Mac are available via brew cask
2049 * Windows installer: FileBot_4.7.7-setup.exe
for Windows 8 and earlier * Debian packages: filebot_4.7.7_i386.deb
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deb&arch amd64&version 4.7.7 * Embedded Linux package: filebot_4.7.7_noarch.ipk
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FileBot alternatives

  • MediaElch

  • MediaElch is a MediaManager for Kodi. It directly accesses XBMCs database (SQLite and MySQL) and thumbnail cache to store information about movies and TV shows. Or it just generates nfo files and stores posters, backdrops, thumbnails beside your movies.

    tags: media-manager movie-manager tv-shows
  • TheRenamer

  • Automatically rename and organize your TV shows and Movies. Also moves them to your Media Library!TV Series Episodes and Movie File Renamer works with,,, and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) from WikiPedia.

    tags: episode-renamer file-renamer imdb movie-renamer tv-shows
  • Media Center Master

  • Smooth, powerful interface to organize your media collection.

    tags: torrents metadata imdb xbmc tivo
  • SubDownloader

  • SubDownloader is a program for automatic download/upload subtitles for videofiles (DIVX,MPEG,AVI,VOB,etc) and DVDs using fast hashing. Free for Mac and Linux. 30 days shareware trial for Windows.

    tags: subtitles subtitles-download search-subtitles
  • Shoko Desktop

  • Manage Your Collection Your Way:With Shoko Desktop, you have complete control over every aspect of your anime collection. Using the built-in collection viewer, you can arrange and organization how the series in your collection are named and displayed. Group related series and even create custom filters based on a number of different criteria. Shoko Desktop also provides over a variety of tools to further modify your collection to your own unique style, without having to learn to code or manually make changes. »

    tags: anime collection media-manager
  • Name My TV Series

  • Simple application to assist you in renaming TV Series files. Filenames can be based on data provided by for example

    tags: Portable file-management tv-shows utility-computing episodes
  • Ember Media Manager

  • Ember Media Manager (aka EMM or Ember) is an open source movie and TV Show collections management tool which initially has been created to use with XBMC, but it contains modules for a few media center application, moreover it should virtually support most of the other media center application out there. It empowers home theater enthusiasts to manage and organize their entire movie and TV Show collections. EMM will scrape movie and TV Show information (plot, cast, genre, studio, mpaa certification, etc) from various sites, together with posters, fanart, actor photos and even movie trailers. It also automatically extracts media meta data like resolution, codecs, audio and subtitle streams. EMM can also be used as a standalone movie organizer/cataloger, but the primary aim is to export all the data and images to a format which can then be imported into your favorite media center application. In order to achieve this, EMM stores all data and images in files which are saved next to the media files. Media center applications can pick up those files and import the information to their own internal database. »

    tags: Discontinued kodi media-center media-manager movies
  • VLSub

  • VLSub is a simple extension for your VLC Media Player. It downloads subtitles from and play them as your open your movies.

    tags: subtitles subtitles-download search-subtitles vlc-extension
  • Movie Renamer

  • Movie Renamer is an Open Source application (Windows/Linux/OSX), totally free written in java, for easily renaming movie files.

    tags: media-renamer movie-renamer rename-files
  • Checksum Control

  • A program to verify and write checksumfiles.It supports SFV and MD5, even some exotic MD5 file types.Very easy to use, with a wizard interface.

    tags: Portable verify-checksum checksum checksum-calculator md5-checksum
  • File Checksum Utility

  • This software allows to generate MD (Message Digest) and SHA hashes from a file or files or files in a directory. Checksum is an value calculated from a content of file by special algorithm. You can also verify the file integrity of the downloaded document or program. File Checksum Utility is very easy to use. From the graphical user interface, choose the file from your computer storage. The tool calculate and display checksum values.

    tags: checksum hash-calculator sha md5-generator message-digest
  • Subscene

  • Subscene is a site where you can find subtitles for almost any movie or TV and movie show in almost any language.

    tags: search-subtitles srt subtitles subtitles-download
  • submarine

  • Submarine is a command-line program for searching and downloading the right subtitles for movies. Subtitles are searched based on movie file hashes and downloaded from online subtitle services. Downloaded subtitles are automatically renamed and saved next to corresponding files.

    tags: command-line-interface search-subtitles subtitles-download