Fighter's Block!!

Fighter's Block! alternatives

  • Write or Die

  • Urge yourself to get your words on the screen without succumbing to procrastination by using customizable visual stimuli as either a deterrent or a reward. Turn on reward mode, stimulus mod, or one of two consequence modes - kamikaze mode or startle mode--to spur your writing spree.

    tags: writing-editor procrastination nanowrimo
  • 750 Words

  • 750 Words is an online plain text editor with autosave and fullscreen edit options, 750 Words also lets you track your progress and earn points for achievements. Login with Google, Yahoo or Facebook Connect.

    tags: 30-day-trial distraction-free-writing fullscreen-support lightweight no-distraction
  • The Most Dangerous Writing App

  • Write. Don't stop. If you stop typing for more than five minutes, all progress will be lost.

    tags: avoid-procrastination multiple-timers save-as-txt writing-editor
  • 130 Words

  • Free Private Journaling

    tags: distraction-free-writing free-apps free-to-play journal journal-keeping
  • Write Honey

  • Write Honey is a free online tool that helps you jot down everything that's on your mind. Doing this is beneficial for many reasons:

    tags: journal meditation writing-editor
  • 4thewords

  • Writing encouragement through challenges, where the writer must write a certain number of words in a set time to defeat a monster.

    tags: avoid-procrastination entertainment-tool motivation text-editor writing-editor