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Fantasy Grounds alternatives

  • Roll20

  • Roll20 is the free, easy way to play tabletop games (such as pen and paper RPGs) online with others. It's completely web-based, so it runs right in your browser. It supports video and voice chat, background music, character sheets, a massive art library, and more!

    tags: browser-based internet-connection-sharing online-gaming virtual-game-table virtual-tabletop
  • MapTool

  • MapTool is an online, multiuser, networked, graphical, interactive, programmable virtual tabletop. Requires Java 6+. It can be used for face-to-face play, or Internet role-playing in real time even if your players are on the other side of the world. MapTool in particular works great with voice-chat services!

    tags: custom-repos macros-feature view-blocking virtual-tabletop vtt
  • Rolisteam

  • Rolisteam helps you to manage tabletop role playing games with remote friends/players. It provides many features to share maps, pictures and it also includes tool to communicate with your friends/players. The goal is to make Rolisteam-managed RPG games as good as RPG games around your table. To achieve it, we are working hard to provide you more and more features.

    tags: games virtual-tabletop vtt virtual-game-table
  • Beyond Tabletop

  • Beyond Tabletop is a set of tools for RPG players who want to enhance their in-person game sessions with cleanly designed, easy-to-use online character sheets and maps. Our web application is subscription-free and designed to be used on all devices. We currently offer two products - a battle map, which is designed to accommodate many RPG systems, and character sheets, which are built for the Pathfinder system (with more systems on the way!)

    tags: dice dungeons-and-dragons virtual-tabletop
  • Fabletop

  • Fabletop is a tabletop roleplaying game that is played in your web browser. It takes the freedom of tabletop roleplaying and provides an easy-to-use app for playing online.

    tags: rpg-game virtual-tabletop vtt online-rpg
  • Battlegrounds: RPG Edition

  • Battlegrounds: RPG Edition (aka BRPG) is virtual tabletop software designed to enhance your pen-and-paper roleplaying games, whether your players are in the same room, or on the other side of the world.

    tags: online-gaming virtual-game-table virtual-tabletop vtt
  • EpicTable

  • EpicTable is a virtual tabletop (sometimes referred to as a “VT”) that allows you and your friends to play your favorite pen-and-paper roleplaying games, regardless of whether you’re sitting across the table or across the world from one another.

    tags: virtual-tabletop vtt
  • D&D Beyond

  • D&D Beyond is the official digital toolset for Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition. Twitch integration and a massive online compendium of official characters, spells, items and more provide an easy to use system with everything dungeon masters and tabletop D&D gamers need for an epic adventure.

    tags: dungeons-and-dragons role-playing-game virtual-tabletop