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ezgif.com alternatives

  • ImageMagick

  • ImageMagick is a software suite to create, edit, and compose bitmap images. It can read, convert and write images in a variety of formats (about 10...

    tags: animated-gif-creator batch-image-manipulation command-line gif-animation image-converter
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux iPhone iPad Xfce
  • GraphicsGale

  • Animation graphic editor easy to use - Powerful tool for spriting and pixel art.

    tags: animation animation-graphic animation-graphic-editor graphic-design graphic-editor
    platform: Windows
  • Gifs

  • Gifs.com provides possibly the easiest way to create Gif files.

    tags: gif gif-editor gif-viewer
    platform: Online
  • Instagiffer

  • Instagiffer creates animations directly from online video sites like Youtube, and nearly any video file format (mkv, flv, avi, etc). It is free and...

    tags: Portable animated-gif animated-gif-creator video-to-gif youtube-converter
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Windows RT
  • QGifer

  • QGifer is a tool for extracting part of a video to an animated GIF file.

    tags: Discontinued animated-gif-creator built-in-image-editor convert-to-gif extract-gif-from-video
    platform: Windows Linux BSD Discontinued
  • Gifsicle

  • Gifsicle is a command-line tool for creating, editing, and getting information about GIF images and animations. Making a GIF animation with gifsicl...

    tags: command-line command-line-interface gif gif-animation animated-gif-creator
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux
  • Free Video to GIF Converter

  • Free Video to GIF Converter is a freeware utility which can convert video to gif animation simply and fast. It can convert almost all popular video...

    tags: Discontinued animated-gif gif-animation video-to-gif
    platform: Windows Discontinued
  • LunaPic

  • LunaPic is an online photo editor that allows you to edit, crop, rotate and resize images, add effects to your photos, create slideshows, animation...

    tags: animated-gif-creator image-resize online-image-editor photo-editing photo-effects
    platform: Online Google Chrome Firefox Dropbox
  • Giffing Tool

  • Giffing Tool is simply put: The fastest creator of high quality captioned GIFs available.

    tags: gif animated-gif-creator video-to-gif
    platform: Windows
  • SSuite Gif Animator

  • An easy to use gif animator, movie, and slide show creator. Just load your images into the list, and press create. Runs on all Windows systems - 32...

    tags: Portable gif-animation slide-show animated-gif-creator
    platform: Windows
  • APNG Assembler

  • Creates highly optimized Animated PNG files from PNG/TGA image sequences. CLI versions available for all major OSes.

    tags: Portable animation animation-maker apng png
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux
  • GIF to APNG

  • Converts GIF animations into animated PNG format. Usually it makes the files smaller. CLI version is OS-independent, GUI version is available for W...

    tags: Portable animated-gif apng gif
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux
  • Any To GIF

  • Any to GIF is a very easy to use tool that can convert any pictures into animated GIF. You can set size and delay time of the GIF animation.Any to ...

    tags: animated-gif animated-gif-creator animation gif gif-animation
    platform: Windows
  • Movie To GIF

  • Movie To GIF is an easy-to-use video to animated GIF converter with simple and friendly interface. Movie to GIF efficiently converts videos in most...

    tags: animated-gif animated-gif-creator animation gif gif-animation
    platform: Windows
  • VideoSolo Free Video to GIF Converter

  • There are many reasons why you want to convert videos to GIF animation. After all, creating your own animated GIF from a video can be a lot of fun....

    tags: video-to-gif
    platform: Windows