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ezeep alternatives

  • Google Cloud Print

  • Google Cloud Print makes printing more intuitive, accessible and useful, by letting you print to your printers from Google Cloud Print-enabled apps on any computer or smart phone.

    tags: printers cloud-print share-printer
    platform: Online Android Google Chrome
  • Printershare

  • With PrinterShare® you can print documents and photos on any remote computer printer. It is simple and free to use. Printing to PrinterShare® printer is as easy as printing on a local printer connected to your personal computer. Make the world’s printer yours! Download PrinterShare® software today!

    tags: computer-printer pc-printer print-anytime print-anywhere printing-service
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Online
  • Printer Pro

  • Printer Pro lets you wirelessly print from the iPhone or iPad. It can print directly to many Wi-Fi printers or any printer attached to your Mac or PC via helper application installed on your computer.

    tags: pdf-printer web-printing printing-tool
    platform: iPhone iPad
  • ePrint

  • If you have the right printer, “ePrint” will let you print directly from your iPhone or iPod touch. You can print contacts, photos, notes, Web pages or PDF files from your iPad,iPhone or iPod touch as you like.

    tags: software-repository printers
    platform: iPhone
  • PrintNode

  • PrintNode helps you print to any printer from anywhere in the world. You can send documents to your printer directly from our web app where you can also manage your printers and computers. We also have a feature packed JSON API for integrating cloud printing into your web applications.

    tags: api cloud-logistics cloud-print logistics printing
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Online Magento Community Edition
  • Printix

  • Printix is a cloud-based service with intuitive design that brings people and printers together. It removes the rocket science from handling your office printers. What Dropbox did for file sharing, we are doing for printing. Making it available and easy.

    tags: cloud-logistics cloud-print office365 printers printing
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Android iPhone Chrome OS Android Tablet Windows Phone iPad ezeep Google Cloud Print GreenCloud Printer
  • QZ Tray

  • Print to popular hardware Using PCL, ESC/P, EPL, ZPL, FGL and more.

    tags: epl esc-p fgl html html5
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Microsoft Edge Google Chrome Safari Opera Firefox