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eudev alternatives

  • systemd

  • systemd is a replacement for the init daemon for Linux (either System V or BSD-style). It is intended to provide a better framework for expressing services' dependencies, allow more work to be done concurrently at system startup, and to reduce shell overhead.With systemd-nspawn and machinectl facilitate the creation and management of software containers.

    tags: boot configurable init optimal-performance service-manager
    platform: Linux
  • nosh

  • The nosh package is a suite of system-level utilities for initializing and running a BSD or Linux system, and for managing daemons.

    tags: init systemd sysvinit uselessd utility-computing
    platform: Linux BSD
  • Supervisor

  • Supervisor is a client/server system that allows its users to monitor and control a number of processes on UNIX-like operating systems.

    tags: service-manager
    platform: Linux BSD
  • uselessd

  • uselessd (the useless daemon, or the daemon that uses less... depending on your viewpoint) is a project to reduce systemd to a base initd and process supervisor, while minimizing intrusiveness and isolationism. Basically, it’s systemd with the superfluous stuff cut out, a (relatively) coherent idea of what it wants to be, support for non-glibc/non-Linux platforms, an approach that aims to minimize complicated design and various cleanups.

    tags: init systemd
    platform: Linux BSD
  • finit

  • Finit is a small SysV init replacement with process supervision similar to that of daemontools and runit. Its focus is on small and embedded GNU/Linux systems, although fully functional on standard server and desktop installations.

    tags: boot init
    platform: Linux