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  • Vertabelo

  • Online tool for visual database design. This one web application support seven major database engines: PostgreSQL, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, SQLite, Oracle 11g, IBM DB2 and HSQLDB.Vertabelo allows you to create your database model simply by graphically drawing tables and references. The application validates your model all the time and gives you hints on how to improve it. At any moment you can see a preview of the SQL that will be generated for a selected element.You can share your database models at three different access levels: Owner, Editor and Viewer. Furthermore, everyone who shares a model may open it at the same time. When the model is opened for editing for one person, it is read-only for others. Everyone can see changes in the model just after an autosave.If you need to share a model with your customers or partners and they don't want to create accounts in Vertabelo, you can generate the public link to your model and send it via e-mail.Reverse engineering tool allows you to import an existing database structure and build a model of it. This way you can visualize the data structure of your database and work on it.If you develop web applications, Vertabelo delivers you built-in support for some popular ORMs like Propel (for PHP developers), SQLAlchemy (for Python developers) and JOOQ (for Java developers).The application works completely online and no installation is needed. Just register an account, log in and you can start working on your model from any place in the world connected to internet. Vertabelo offers a free plan which is limited by a certain number of models available to create and the number of tables per one model. For larger projects and companies there are different paid plans. Notice that Vertabelo is totally free for students, lecturers, open source projects and non-profit organizations, provided that it will be used only for educational or non-commercial purposes. »

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    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online Self-Hosted Google Chrome Safari
  • SQL Power Architect

  • The SQL Power Architect data modeling tool was created by data warehouse designers and has many unique features geared specifically for the data warehouse architect. It allows users to reverse-engineer existing databases, perform data profiling on source databases, and auto-generate ETL metadata.

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    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux
  • Skipper

  • Skipper, previously ORM Designer, is a visualization tool and a code generator for favourite ORM frameworks (Doctrine ORM, Doctrine2 ORM, Propel ORM and CakePHP). Application allows to edit ORM models in graphical interface and then export them directly to standardized and ready-to-use schema definition files. With Skipper, you can focus only on project logic, as syntax and keywords are taken care of by Skipper. With possibility to import existing projects and possibility of continuous exports, work on creating, extending and maintaining ORM definitions is up to four time faster. Main advantages of using Skipper in your workflow are: - Development in visual environment is efficient, fast and comfortable. - Documentation is always kept up-to-date and in accordance with code. - Typos and semantic errors are completely eliminated. - Older projects can be imported quickly and orientation in them is easier. Above advantages are further enhanced by wide possibilities of customization, built-in wizards and user-friendly interface. »

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    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux
  • Toad Data Modeler

  • This software is for all developers, database designers and for all who want to create and maintain their database structures effectively. Key features include: Entity relationship diagrams - Physical, Logical and Universal models. Support for various databases(Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2...)Generation of SQL (DDL) scripts Reverse engineering Generation of Alter Scripts Model Update and Model Merge Gallery for storing frequently used parts of model Refactoring Utility Generation of detailed HTML and RTF documentationConversion from Logical to Physical modelSupport for UnicodeUNDO / REDOModeless dialogs, user-friendly GUI Editable forms, scriptable objects...Entity relationship diagrams - ER diagrams Using the graphically very well arranged Entity Relationship Diagrams (ER Diagrams) you can easily create and maintain your database structures. In your models you will have all the entities, attributes, domains, primary keys, foreign keys, constraints, relationships, indexes, descriptions, notes and other physical and logical data, laid-out in a transparent order. While creating models you will have a perfect view of all database elements. Triggers, Procedures, Views.... Toad™ Data Modeler supports Functions, Procedures, Triggers, Views, Packages, Package bodies, Object types, Object type bodies, Sequences and Synonyms etc.. »

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    platform: Windows
  • Navicat Data Modeler

  • Navicat Data Modeler is a powerful and cost-effective database design tool which helps you build high-quality logical and physical data models. It allows you to visually design database structures, perform reverse/forward engineering processes, import models from ODBC data sources, generate complex SQL/DDL, print models to files, and much more.Simplify the task of creating complex entity relationship models and generate the script SQL with a simple click. Navicat Data Modeler supports various database systems, including MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and SQLite. »

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    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux
  • Aqua Data Studio

  • Aqua Data Studio is a complete Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for database developers. It provides four major areas of functionality: 1) Database query and administration tools; 2) a suite of compare tools for databases, source control and file systems; 3) a complete and integrated source control client for Subversion (SVN) and CVS; and 4) a database modeler as powerful as the best standalone database diagramming tools.

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  • DeZign for Databases

  • Database design and modeling tool - DeZign for Databases. Features: visual database design, data modeling ER Diagrams (ERD), Reverse Engineering, database creation, sql script generation.

    tags: database development diagramming er-diagram erd
    platform: Windows
  • Open System Architect

  • Open System Architect (OSA) is an application used for modelling a system. OSA currently supports data modelling (physical and logical) with UML in the works. The unique thing about OSA is that it is an Open Source product licensed under the General Public License (GPL). The free factor makes OSA particularly interesting for students but OSA is powerful enough to compare favourably with products costing thousands of dollars.

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    platform: Windows Linux
  • DB Designer

  • DBDesigner 4 is a visual database design system that integrates database design, modeling, creation and maintenance into a single, seamless environment.

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    platform: Windows Linux Discontinued
  • pgModeler

  • pgModeler is an open source tool for modeling databases that merges the classical concepts of entity-relationship diagrams with specific features that only PostgreSQL implements.

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    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux
  • ER/Studio Data Architect

  • ER/Studio is the an industry-leading data modeling tool helping companies discover, document, and re-use data assets.

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    platform: Windows
  • SAP PowerDesigner

  • SAP PowerDesigner: Enterprise Architecture tools for digital transformation successPlan and manage complex business transformation initiatives with SAP PowerDesigner. The software’s data modeling tools let you build a blueprint of your current enterprise architecture and visualize the impact of change before it happens. Automatically capture architecture layers and requirements, tap into a powerful metadata repository, and share discoveries with your team.

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    platform: Windows
  • Mogwai ERDesigner

  • The Mogwai ERDesigner is an entity relationship modeling/design tool(ERD) such as ERWin and co. The only difference is that it is Open Source and does not cost anything. It was designed to make database modeling as easy as it can be and to support the developer in the whole development process, from database design to schema and code generation

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    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Discontinued
  • DbWrench

  • DbWrench is a multi-vendor, multi-platform database design and synchronization software. Features include a syntax highlighting SQL query editor, support for many of today's most popular databases, a graphic entity relation diagram (ERD) designer, and the ability to forward and reverse engineer databases.

    tags: code-completion database-design database-management database-sync diagramming
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux
  • SQLDbm

  • SQLDBM offers you an easy, convenient way to design your database absolutely anywhere on any browser, working away without need for any extra database engine or database modelling tools or apps. Use SQLDBM to design and manage both large and small databases and data models on the fly. All while incorporating any needed database rules and objects such as database keys, schemas, indexes, column constraints and relationships.

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