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email-form-data alternatives


  • Just send your form to our URL and we'll forward it to your email. No PHP, Javascript or sign up required — perfect for static sites!

    tags: email-form html-forms no-php static-website
    platform: Online
  • Getform

  • Designers and developers who are tired of time consuming, overpriced and complicated solutions with too many features. You don't need any iframes, Javascript and CSS coding, or complicated form builders anymore.With Getform, all you need to do is to integrate our magic code into your website's existing code and start taking ownership of your forms very easily. It even works on the static websites.

    tags: forms forms-design static-website html-form web-forms
    platform: Online
  • Basin

  • Nobody likes writing server side code for web forms. Basin saves you development time so you can start collecting form submissions right away with no backend coding required. Works great with WordPress and static site generators like Jekyll, Middleman, and Hugo.

    tags: auto-responder conversion-tracking custom-roles direct-file-uploading export-to-csv
    platform: Online