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eggPlant alternatives

  • Kantu Web Automation Browser

  • Kantu allows you to visually automate your task, and makes web automation fun again. It lets you create solutions for web automation, web scraping or web testing in minutes. It's like the ultimate robot stand-in for all of your web browser automation needs! Whatever you used to do manually, Kantu can do automatically -- stuff like filling out forms, clicking on links, performing inquiries, you name it, Kantu has it. Multiple page forms? Not a problem for Kantu.

    tags: automation browser-integration computer-vision file-downloading file-uploading
    platform: Windows
  • UiPath

  • Robotic Process Automation Software.Automate rule based business processes. Train and design robots that drive the UI like a human.

    tags: automated-tasks automation browser-enhancement business-process-automation macro-recorder
    platform: Windows
  • T-Plan

  • T-Plan offers test case management and image based test automation software to the QA industry. Free Trial and evaluation, sign up today.

    tags: automated-testing bug-tracking issue-management issue-tracking java
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux