eXtra Buttons!

eXtra Buttons lets you add up to 10 additional buttons to the title bar of each window, which allow you to minimize the window to the tray, keep it...

* Naar de Knoppen http://www.computeridee.nl/download/extrabuttons(in
Dutch June 16 2013 * In Windows 7 Fenster einfach ordnen mit Extrabuttons experto.de Jan 31 2012 * eExtra Buttons overview for OS Windows Smartphone.ua Sept 05 2011 * Add controls to Windows Explorer. Step by step. http://www.computeractive.co.uk/ca/step-by-step/2041829/add-controls-windows-explorerComputer
Active May 25 2011 * Mit den eXtraButtons erweitern Sie die Windows-Fenster um zusätzliche Funktionen. (in German March 09 2011 * eXtra Buttons: devět nových mocných tlačítek http://extrawindows.cnews.cz/extra-buttons-devet-novych-mocnych-tlacitek
by Jan Váňa http://extrawindows.cnews.cz/lide/jan-vana
Dec 27 2010 * Add More Caption Buttons To Windows Explorer (Vista, XP, 7 by O

eXtra Buttons alternatives

  • Actual Window Manager

  • Actual Window Manager is 13 tools in 1. You can add new buttons to any windows title bar, add transparency effect to any window, minimize any windo...

    tags: desktop-enhancement desktop-organizer minimize-to-tray window-docking window-manager
    platform: Windows
  • DM2

  • DM2 provides several Windows enhancements that may help in every-day work. One of the nicest and most popular features of DM2 is minimizing windows...

    tags: Discontinued Portable enhancing floating-icons hide-window
    platform: Windows PortableApps.com Discontinued
  • MenuTools

  • a tiny application that adds "Priority", “Transparency”, “Always On Top” and “Minimize To Tray” to the windows control menu.

    tags: make-window-transparent minimize-to-tray priority transparency window-on-top
    platform: Windows
  • GhostWin

  • GhostWin allows you to make any window slightly or completely transparent, and automatically adjusts the transparency level of windows that are bei...

    tags: customize-windows graphical-user-interface transparency tweaking
    platform: Windows
  • PowerMenu

  • PowerMenu is a small application that some extra menu items to the windows control menu in addition to the standard "Close", "Maximize", etc option...

    tags: Discontinued desktop-enhancement transparency minimize-to-tray window-on-top
    platform: Windows Windows Explorer Discontinued
  • Chameleon Window Manager

  • Chameleon Window Manager will allow you to control the windows of your programs using customizable buttons added to the title bars of the windows (...

    tags: minimize-to-tray windows-explorer-extension window-on-top transparent minimizer
    platform: Windows Windows Explorer
  • SmartSystemMenu

  • SmartSystemMenu extends system menu of all windows in the system. It appends next custom items to menu:

    tags: system-tweaker
    platform: Windows
  • Moo0 WindowMenuPlus

  • Moo0 WindowMenuPlus lets you have extra useful menus in every windows "system window menu". Its the menu that you can access through right-clicking...

    tags: transparency window-on-top
    platform: Windows
  • xNeat Windows Manager

  • xNeat is a windows enhancement utility. With the free version you can change any windows transparency, hide it, make it always on top, send it to t...

    tags: transparency window-on-top send-to-tray
    platform: Windows
  • TopMenu

  • TopMenu is a functionality clone of PowerMenu, but designed to be compatible with Windows 7 and 64-bit systems.

    tags: Portable transparency minimize-to-tray window-on-top
    platform: Windows
  • Minime

  • Minime is a tool that allows you to minimize applications to the system tray using a simple hotkey. What makes this tool somewhat unique is that it...

    tags: Discontinued minimize-to-tray send-to-tray
    platform: Windows Discontinued
  • Pitaschio

  • Pitaschio is a freeware which makes it convenient to use Microsoft Windows. Pitaschio includes a large number of useful functions mainly related to...

    tags: Discontinued Portable minimize-to-tray window-snapping
    platform: Windows Discontinued
  • TrayIt!

  • TrayIt! - minimize to the system icon tray any program (Outlook Express, Notepad, Word, Internet Explorer, Sunbird, Thunderbird, Opera, OpenOffice ...

    tags: Discontinued system-tray transparency minimize-to-tray window-on-top
    platform: Windows Discontinued
  • HideWin

  • HideWin sits in the system tray and enables you to hide any top-level window with its popup tray menu or an ALT+letter hotkey that it assigns autom...

    tags: Discontinued Portable desktop-enhancement window-manager minimize-to-tray
    platform: Windows Discontinued
  • Optimal Layout

  • Optimal Layout is a powerful Mac OS X application for managing your applications windows. Optimal Layout gives you keyboard shortcuts to instantly ...

    tags: window-manager window-organizer split-screen
    platform: Mac OS X