eXe - the eLearning XHTML editor!

The eXe project developed a freely available Open Source authoring application to assist teachers and academics in the publishing of web content wi...

* Windows * ​Windows https://sourceforge.net/projects/exe/files/eXe-1.04/eXe-install-1.04.exe/download
(installer * ​Ready-to-Run https://sourceforge.net/projects/exe/files/eXe-1.04/exe-ready2run-1.04.exe/download
(run eXe on Windows from a USB stick or CD-ROM without installing * ​Mac OS X https://sourceforge.net/projects/exe/files/eXe-1.04/exe-1.04.dmg/download
(Universal binary, 10.3.9 or later * Linux * ​Ubuntu Feisty https://sourceforge.net/projects/exe/files/eXe-1.04/python2.5-exe_1.04.0.3532-ubuntu1_i386.deb/download
(works with Ubuntu Feisty 7.04, Gutsy 7.10, and Hardy 8.04, see **updated builds** above for more recent releases * ​Ubuntu Dapper https://sourceforge.net/projects/exe/files/eXe-1.04/python2.4-exe_1.04.0.3532-ubuntu1_i386.

eXe - the eLearning XHTML editor alternatives

  • Adobe Dreamweaver

  • Tool for building websites and applications. Adobe Dreamweaver software is intended for web designers, web developers, and visual designers.

    tags: code-editor drag-and-drop file-transfer-protocol html html-editor
    platform: Mac OS X Windows
  • Pinegrow Web Editor

  • Pinegrow is a desktop app that lets you build responsive websites faster with live multi-page editing, CSS styling and smart components for Bootstr...

    tags: bootstrap html-editor html5-editor rdbms reusable-content-blocks
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Atom
  • KompoZer

  • Easy Web Authoring!

    tags: Discontinued Portable css file-transfer-protocol html
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux PortableApps.com Discontinued
  • WYSIWYG Web Builder

  • Web Builder is a WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) program used to create web pages. The program generates HTML tags while you point and click...

    tags: html-editor html5-editor templates web-design web-development
    platform: Windows
  • Serif WebPlus

  • The flexible and powerful WebPlus from Serif makes designing and uploading professional-quality websites simple and easy – and you dont need to kno...

    tags: Discontinued photo-editing web-design web-development wysiwyg-editor
    platform: Windows Discontinued
  • ACE (Ajax Code Editor)

  • Focused and built towards coders, web designers, and web builders, ACE (Ajax Code Editor) can help users get familiar with how the coding is and it...

    tags: code-editor web-app web-design web-editor
    platform: Online
  • Xerte Online Toolkits

  • What's Xerte?

    tags: e-learning-authoring html5 interactive-learning-objects multi-language web-based
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux
  • Leafier

  • A simple, lightweight and easy to use HTML editor worth having when you need to view and edit what document you want, as well as insert new HTML an...

    tags: css-editor html html-editing html-editor html5
    platform: Windows
  • LearningStone

  • LearningStone is an instant online learning and communication platform designed to support class based or blended learning groups. LearningStone of...

    tags: study training learning-management-system
    platform: Online