eVoice alternatives

  • TextNow


    tags: bluetooth-support dedicated-phone-number free-calls free-text social-network
    platform: Mac OS X Android iPhone Windows RT Android Tablet Windows Phone iPad Google Chrome Android Wear Kindle Fire
  • Burner

  • Burner provides disposable phone numbers for your iPhone at the push of a button. Channel your inner James Bond, or simply keep things private when you need to.

    tags: disposable-phone disposable-number
    platform: Android iPhone
  • flyp

  • flyp gives you multiple phone numbers on your smartphone.

    tags: disposable-number text-messaging text-to-speech voicemail
    platform: Android iPhone Apple Watch
  • iNumbr

  • Use iNumbr for virtual phone numbers, call forwarding and call routing. Service includes custom greetings with private voice mail for each number. Works with Craigslist PVA (phone verified accounts). Keep your phone number anonymous.

    tags: call-blocking cal-forwarding block-unwanted-calls call-blocker
    platform: Online
  • Shuffle

  • It’s not unusual for people today to only have one phone: a mobile phone that often functions as their work, home phone and mobile number. But sharing that personal phone number with everyone ranging from work colleagues to some random guy looking to buy the sofa you’re selling on a classified ads site doesn’t always make sense.

    tags: alias alias-support disposable-email disposable-number disposable-phone
    platform: iPhone iPad