eMarks alternatives

  • Diigo

  • Diigo - Your Learning, Simplified.

    tags: bookmark-manager bookmarks browser-sync ifttt-integration pdf-annotation
    platform: Online Android iPhone iPad Internet Explorer Google Chrome Safari Firefox
  • Pinboard

  • Pinboard is a bookmarking website intended for people who want to reliably keep track of large numbers of links. Its goals are to be useful, fight bloat, keep things fast, and stay small. Social bookmarking for introverts. m.pinboard.in

    tags: bookmarking-service bookmarks dead-link-checking full-text-search ifttt-integration
    platform: Online
  • Google Bookmarks

  • Google Bookmarks is a free online bookmark storage service, available to Google Account holders. It allows one to bookmark favorite websites and add labels or tags, and also notes.

    tags: bookmarks bookmark-manager online-bookmarks online-bookmark-manager bookmark-storage
    platform: Online
  • lumio

  • SPOTLIGHT CONTENT THAT MATTERSHighlight text or data, save images, videos or entire pages from the web. Your highlights are recorded together with all source information.

    tags: bookmark-manager bookmark-organize bookmarking bookmarks clipping
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux iPhone Chrome OS iPad Google Chrome
  • Bookmark Manager

  • Chrome Bookmarks and the Bookmarks Manager are now more powerful by incorporating the smarts of Google Search with a new modern UI.

    tags: bookmark-manager chrome-extension
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Chrome OS Google Chrome
  • Unmark

  • Do something with your bookmarks.

    tags: bookmark-manager bookmark-organize bookmarks share-bookmarks
    platform: Online Self-Hosted Google Chrome
  • favattic

  • favattic Your Online Bookmark Manager. Your favorite links and bookmarks in one place.

    tags: bookmark-manager bookmarking bookmarks cloud-based online-bookmark-manager
    platform: Online Android
  • Draggo

  • Draggo is the best way to save, organize, and access all your favorite links from any online location.

    tags: bookmark-manager bookmarking bookmarks links social-bookmarking
    platform: Online
  • LinkBoard

  • LinkBoard is a quick and easy way to save and share links.

    tags: bookmarks bookmark-manager bookmarking
    platform: Online
  • FCorp Link Manager

  • "Link Manager" is a tiny, easy to use "Bookmark Manager" specially designed to help you manage your favorite Links/URL. You can also extract links from HTML files or Clipboard.

    tags: Portable bookmarks bookmark-manager bookmarking links
    platform: Windows
  • devmark

  • To date, bookmarking tools have always been based around the idea of managing links. With devmark we want to change this. We provide a smart search approach to accessing less commonly used bookmarks and a Pin & Click feature for accessing your favorites.

    tags: bookmarks chrome-extension productivity-tool
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online Chrome OS Google Chrome Chromium Chrome Web Store
  • BlogMarks

  • BlogMarks is a collaborative link management project based on sharing and key-word tagging. Build on a blog basis, BlogMarks is an open and free technology. Now, you can access your favorite URL's from any computer. And with BlogMarks, you share your favourite with other users.

    tags: bookmark-manager bookmark-organize public-marks
    platform: Online
  • Symgi

  • Symgi is being developed to be a next alternative to tab groups in browsers; cross-browser and mobile.

    tags: bookmarking bookmark-organize bookmark-manager bookmark-organizer
    platform: Online
  • Putmi

  • Frustrated with your bookmarking tool? At Putmi, our mission is to make bookmarking simple and effective. In addition to keeping track of what you love, we believe accessing and managing bookmarks should be effortless and seamless. We are enthusiastic about what we do, and we want you to love this refined way of bookmarking. Rest assured, we made Putmi with simplicity in mind, so you will find all the usual, familiar bookmark features plus new functions for improved usability. If you have any suggestions on further improving this experience, feel free to let us know your thoughts. Now enough about us, come explore and see what Putmi can do for you! ยป

    tags: Warning bookmarks bookmark-organize online-bookmarks share-bookmarks
    platform: Online Warning
  • BookSmarts

  • Your bookmarks, organized in the cloud to make you more productive, anywhere!

    tags: productivity-tool bookmark-manager productivity-utilities favorite best-of
    platform: Windows Online