eLearning Impulse!

eLearning Impulse uses an intelligent capturing technique for single screenshots that can then be edited as slides. Mouse movements are automatical...

* TurboDemo http://balesio.com/turbodemo/eng/index.php
* ALLCapture http://balesio.com/allcapture/eng/index.php
* balesio Screen Capturing Suite http://balesio.com/screencapturingsuite/eng/areasofuse.php
* Downloads http://balesio.com/corporate/eng/download.php
* Enterprise Data Reduction * FILEminimizer Server NEW http://balesio.com/fileminimizerserver/eng/download.php
* FILEminimizer SharePoint http://balesio.com/fileminimizersharepoint/eng/download.php
* FILEminimizer SDK http://balesio.com/fileminimizersdk/eng/download.php
* Office, Image & PDF Compression * FILEminimizer Suite NEW http://balesio.com/fileminimizersuite/eng/download.php
* FILEminimizer Office http://balesio.com/fileminimizer/e

eLearning Impulse alternatives

  • Camtasia Studio

  • Produce videos for the web using the industry-leading H.264 format. No tweaks or technospeak, just sparkling HD-quality video with compact file siz...

    tags: animated-gif-creator animations chroma-key create-tutorials desktop-recording
    platform: Mac OS X Windows
  • Loom

  • Quick video-capture straight from the browser.

    tags: screen-capture screen-recorder video-capture
    platform: Online Google Chrome
  • Icecream Screen Recorder

  • Icecream Screen recorder is a screen recorder that can both record screen and take screenshots. The program records video, system sounds and the mi...

    tags: create-tutorials record-desktop-activity recording screen-capture screen-recorder
    platform: Windows
  • Captura

  • Captura captures high resolution screencasts (h264, FFMpeg mp4) with and without mouse cursor. It captures specific regions or windows. Furthermore...

    tags: Portable command-line-interface command-line-support create-tutorials hd-support
    platform: Windows
  • Instant Demo

  • Quick and easy screen recording software for demonstrations and tutorials. Audio and video desktop screen recording as Flash movies.

    tags: create-tutorials tutorial demo-builder build-demo
    platform: Online
  • PresentationTube

  • PresentationTube Recorder helps you to record and share quality video presentations in a new way. The video recorder allows you to narrate and anno...

    tags: screencasting powerpoint screen-recorder recorder record-presentation-software
    platform: Windows Online
  • Demo Builder

  • Demo Builder is a powerful Flash-based screencasting tool that allows you to create eye-catching and professionally-looking interactive presentatio...

    tags: presentation youtube screencasting demo-builder flash-presentation
    platform: Windows
  • RecordItNow

  • RecordItNow is a plugin based desktop recorder for KDE SC 4.

    tags: build-demo create-tutorials demo-builder kde movies
    platform: Linux
  • Hippo Video

  • Hippo Video is an online video platform to create explainer videos, educational videos, how-tos, training videos, customer testimonials, video assi...

    tags: customer-success customer-success-tools customer-support educational-tool fast-and-easy-setup
    platform: Online Chrome OS Google Chrome
  • Adobe Presenter

  • Adobe Presenter helps you convert PowerPoint slides into rich media presentations and eLearning content.

    tags: online-education powerpoint-for-elearning
    platform: Windows Microsoft Office Powerpoint
  • Flash Demo Builder

  • Flash Demo Builder is an easy to use and unique tool for creating tutorials, presentations, interactive quizzes and product demonstrations.

    tags: build-demo create-tutorials demo-builder screen-capture tutorials
    platform: Online