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eHow alternatives

  • How-To Geek

  • We are an online tech magazine, dedicated to providing interesting articles, how-tos, and even fun trivia to our audience of geeky — and not-so-gee...

    tags: educational online-service tutorials how-to computers
    platform: Online
  • wikiHow

  • wikiHow is a wiki based collaboration to build the world’s largest, highest quality how to manual. Our multilingual how to manual has free step-by-...

    tags: wiki reference tutorials tips diy
    platform: Online Android iPhone Android Tablet Windows Phone iPad Kindle Fire
  • Instructables

  • From useful and entertaining how-tos and hacks, to delicious recipes and outrageous inventions, Instructables is the place to explore, document, an...

    tags: blueprints building community-based crafting create-tutorials
    platform: Online Android Windows Phone
  • AskVG

  • AskVG is a popular website that covers Windows tips, tweaks, troubleshooting and customization. If you are new here, check out our exclusive apps a...

    tags: websites technology-news
    platform: Online
  • Utorial

  • is an online marketplace where people who can’t find a tutor in real life can find a tutor from anywhere in the world, online to teach t...

    tags: educational lessons live-streaming study tutorials
    platform: Windows Online
  • Helphin

  • Helphin is a Free step by step instruction guide for people who struggled about web application (especially for beginners). This is free website fo...

    tags: diy how-to instructions step-by-step tutorials
    platform: Online

  • Here at 'How To Do It Buddy' we has a tendency to distribute the best 'How To Articles'.Here you will get the best data for your enquiries and the ...

    tags: how-to
    platform: Windows
  • Slashdigit

  • Slashdigit is a technology blog that publishes highly informative articles on various tech subjects covering quick fixes, how-tos, diy, news, revie...

    tags: computer-knowledge computers educational gadgets how-to
    platform: Online