eGoal alternatives

  • Wunderlist

  • Wunderlist helps millions of people around the world capture their ideas, things to do and places to see.

    tags: cloud-sync multi-language push-notifications recurring-events reminder
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Online Android iPhone Blackberry Chrome OS Windows RT Android Tablet Windows Phone iPad Vivaldi Browser Google Chrome Android Wear Kindle Fire Yandex.Browser
  • Taskade

  • Taskade is a simple to-do list and task manager. You can instantly make a list and share it with your friends, family, and colleagues. Use Taskade to capture your ideas, goals, and daily tasks.

    tags: built-in-note-taker chrome-extension collaborative-writing distraction-free-writing getting-things-done
    platform: Online Chrome OS Google Chrome
  • Wunderlistux

  • wunderlistux - An electron wrapper for wunderlist made with :heart: for Linux (specially for elementary OS)

    tags: Portable configure-windows-buttons-layout electron theme-selector todo-manager
    platform: Linux
  • Joe's Goals

  • Joe's Goals is an online goal-tracking website.

    tags: calendar goal-tracking goals habit-tracker habits
    platform: Online
  • 42goals

  • 42goals is a simple tool for tracking your daily goals and keeping a log of your daily activities.

    tags: daily-goal goal-tracking goals time-tracking
    platform: Online Android iPhone
  • The Daily Project

  • The Daily Project combines the simplicity of a task manager with the flexibility of tracking tasks in both projects and categories.

    tags: productivity-app productivity-tool project-management task-management todo-manager
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux
  • Grapple

  • An easy-to-use interface –teams adopt it quickly•Grapple encourages dialogue –spurs team engagement and work progresses efficiently•Due date, auto-reminders, and nudges bring the task to the team’s attention –nothing falls through the cracks•Everyone is on the same page; easy to bring a new team member up to speed•Easy to see who is performing well and who is not responsive –promotes accountability

    tags: task-list project-managment taskmanagment task-management
    platform: Online Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad

  • is a Time/Goal Management Social Service aims to encourage users setup and achieve their goals, support other 'aimers' and get support from community called 'aiders'. We make startup to motivate and for motivated people around the world.

    tags: Discontinued achieve-my-goals achievements goal-management time-tracking
    platform: Online Discontinued
  • Personal Goals Manager

  • Personal Goals Manager is Joomla CMS extension that helps to track your goals, plans and habits. Improved graphic reports and charts, JomSocial integration.

    tags: goal-tracking habits joomla joomla-extension planning
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online Joomla
  • brogress

  • A quick, sweet application to stay productive at work by setting daily goals and focus sessions.

    tags: todo-manager productivity-app focus productivity-utility productivity-tools
    platform: Online
  • LifeTracker

  • LifeTracker is an app which helps users manage their free time and achieve meaningful life goals with with proprietary built-in artificial intelligence prediction algorithms.

    tags: productivity-tool todo-manager artificial-intelligence productivity-app productivity-tools
    platform: Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad
  • Lifetick

  • Lifetick is an online Goal Setting application with a stylish, easy to use interface.

    tags: goal-setting goal-tracking journal reminders tasks
    platform: Online
  • eXtrigo

  • Achieving your goals might be hard and frustrating. That's why unlike many other productivity tools which mainly trying to make you remember to do your tasks, In eXtrigo you will be mainly focused on finding the best way to do it. Using the crowed collected wisdom on the site it might make you feel like you already know everything.

    tags: achievements community-based crowdsourced crowdsourcing-ideas crowdwisdom
    platform: Online
  • Habits

  • Habits is an Android app that I wrote to help me work towards my goals by turning them in to habits. The only way to get better something is to work at it, and I’d often find weeks go by without working on the things I wanted to get better at. A website called Joe’s Goals helped me track my goals each day and showed me when I was letting things slip.

    tags: Discontinued getting-things-done goal-tracking goals habit-tracker
    platform: Android Android Tablet Discontinued
  • Challenge Achieved

  • Challenge Achieved switches from boring "to-do list" concept to "challenge" concept. Motivate yourself, track your progress, share your challenges with friends, collect supporters and push your limits.

    tags: picture-sharing productivity-app productivity-tool progress-tracking recurring-tasks
    platform: Online