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  • DocMGR

  • DocMGR is a complete, web-based Document Management System (DMS). It allows for the storage of any file type, and supports full-text indexing of the most popular document formats. DocMGR runs on PHP, the Apache webserver, and Postgresql. It uses tsearch2 for full-text indexing which provides for faster search results and result ranking. DocMGR supports LDAP authentication, the ability to easily add and remove "objects" for storage in the system, document workflow, object subscriptions, WebDAV access, and an ever-growing set of features revolving around content storage. »

    tags: document-management groupware groupware-imap-ldap-calendar
    platform: Linux Online BSD
  • KnowledgeTree

  • KnowledgeTree helps customer-facing teams use and improve their best content. Sales people instantly find content that closes deals. Managers identify what collateral works best – and where gaps are. And marketing improves content to drive more sales.

    tags: contextual-marketing document-management document-management-system marketing-tools microsoft-office
    platform: Online
  • PDFKeeper

  • PDFKeeper is an opensource software that allows safe PDF document storage, indexing, and retrieval. It requires the free Oracle Database Express Edition, also called Oracle Database XE, and is only useful if you want to deploy a storage system in small or home office.

    tags: document-management document-storage indexed-search integrated-search knowledge-management
    platform: Windows
  • SimpleDocs

  • SimpleDocs is an easy to use online document storage and sharing system designed for companies, organisations, mutual interest groups, and anyone who wants to manage working and archive documents online with ease.

    tags: file-sharing document-management document-management-system document-collaboration document-storage
    platform: Online