* Picture Edition http://hardcoded.net/dupeguru_pe/
* v3.9.1 for OS X 10.7 https://download.hardcoded.net/dupeguru_osx_3_9_1.dmg
* v3.9.1 for Windows 7 (64bit https://download.hardcoded.net/dupeguru_win64_3.9.1.msi
* v3.8.0 for Windows XP (32bit https://download.hardcoded.net/dupeguru_win_3.8.0.msi
* v3.8.0 for OS X 10.6 64-bit https://download.hardcoded.net/dupeguru_osx_3_8_0.dmg
* v3.6.1 for OS X 10.6 32-bit https://download.hardcoded.net/dupeguru_osx_3_6_1.dmg
* v3.1.2 for OS X 10.5 https://download.hardcoded.net/dupeguru_osx_3_1_2.dmg

dupeGuru alternatives

  • Glary Utilities

  • Glary Utilities offers numerous powerful and easy-to-use system tools and utilities to fix, speed up, maintain and protect your PC.

    tags: Portable Bundleware 1-click-maintenance cleaner context-menu-entry-disable
  • VisiPics

  • VisiPics does more than just look for identical files, it goes beyond checksums to look for similar pictures and does it all with a simple user interface. First, you select the root folder or folders to find and catalogue all of your pictures. It then applies five image comparison filters in order to measure how close pairs of images on the hard drive are.

    tags: content-analysis duplicate-file duplicate-file-finder duplicate-files duplicate-images-finder
  • FSlint

  • FSlint is a utility to find and clean various forms of lint on a filesystem. I.E. unwanted or problematic cruft in your files or file names. For example, one form of lint it finds is duplicate files. It has both GUI and command line modes.

    tags: cleaner duplicate-file-finder filesystem graphical-user-interface
  • AVG PC TuneUp

  • Peak performance for your PC. Keeps it going for longer.

    tags: 1-click-maintenance battery-saver cleaner customize-windows defragmentation
  • CloneSpy

  • CloneSpy is a Free Duplicate File CleanUp Tool for Windows. CloneSpy can help you free up hard drive space by detecting and removing duplicate files. Duplicate files have exactly the same contents regardless of their name, date, time and location. Also, CloneSpy is able to find files that are not exactly identical, but have the same file name. Perhaps you have different versions of a file and you want to find all of them and remove the older versions. CloneSpy can also find zero length files. These are files that have no content. »

    tags: Portable duplicate-file-finder duplicates english-only
  • AllDup

  • AllDup is a freeware tool for searching and removing file duplicates on your Windows computer. The fast search algorithm find duplicates of any file type, e.g., text, pictures, music or movies.

    tags: duplicate-file-finder duplicate-files find-duplicate-photos mp3-duplicate-finder partial-name-compare
  • SearchMyFiles

  • SearchMyFiles is a non-indexing portable alternative to the standard "Search For Files And Folders" module of Windows. It allows you to easily search files in your system by wildcard, by last modified/created/last accessed time, by file attributes, by file content (text or binary search), and by the file size. SearchMyFiles allows you to make a very accurate search that cannot be done with Windows search. For Example: You can search all files created in the last 10 minutes with size between 500 and 700 bytes. After you made a search, you can select one or more files, and save the list into text/html/csv/xml file, or copy the list to the clipboard.SearchMyFiles is portable, and you can use it from a USB flash drive without leaving traces in the Registry of the scanned computer. The utility is a part of NirLauncher Pack. »

    tags: Portable fast-local-search file-search lan-search network-search
  • MacPaw Gemini 2

  • Gemini will quickly find and help you remove duplicates from your Mac. Make this routine task easy and fun with Gemini!

    tags: drag-and-drop duplicate-file-finder duplicate-files finder-integration previews
  • Pixiple

  • Pixiple searches your files for images that are similar in pixel and/or metadata content and presents you with a sorted list of similar image pairs to compare and manipulate. Pixiple is open source, no-nonsense, unrestricted and completely free.

    tags: Portable duplicate-file-finder duplicate-images-finder find-duplicate-images find-duplicate-photos
  • Easy Duplicate Finder

  • Easy Duplicate File Finder is a powerful tool that helps you to find and remove duplicate files from your PC or Mac.

    tags: duplicate-file-finder duplicate-files remove-duplicate-files
  • Doublekiller

  • DoubleKiller searches single or multiple directories for duplicate files by comparing any combination of file name, size, modification date and content. Using user-defined masks like *.mp3 or *.dll you can limit the scan to files that interest you or protect important files from being scanned. Furthermore you can exclude files in a particular file size range or files with certain attributes, like hidden or system files.When the scan is finished a list containing all duplicates found is displayed and you can manually or automatically select the files to be removed. The result list can be sorted and exported to a text file readable by both humans and spreadsheet applications.DoubleKiller is a stand-alone executable that does not need to be installed, just extracted and run, and does not alter the system in any way without the users prior permission. »

    tags: duplicate-file-finder duplicate-files
  • Remo MORE

  • Remo MORE provides "One Click Maintenance" feature to clean up junk files, fix issues and speed up your devices with a simple click. You can automate this process and maintain your devices on daily basis without any intervention. Remo More comes with 30+ functionalities to Manage, Optimize, Recover and Enhance your PC, Mac and smartphones. Remo More offers best user experience by providing simple and easy-to-use user interface.

    tags: 1-click-maintenance cleaner connection-optimizer disk-maintenance duplicate-file-finder
  • fdupes

  • FDUPES is a program for identifying or deleting duplicate files residing within specified directories.

    tags: duplicate-file-finder identify-duplicate