Crowdpurr alternatives

  • Slido

  • Slido is an audience interaction platform for meetings and events. It allows event organizers to crowd-source the best questions for Q&A sessions, get instant feedback via live polls and share presentations with audiences in real-time.

    tags: audience-response audience-response-system crowdsourcing-ideas customer-feedback productivity-tool
  • Wooclap

  • Wooclap allows you to make polls and offers the possibility for the audience to ask questions. People can participate using of their smartphones, tablets or laptops via internet. For those who don’t have access to internet, participation by SMS is also possible.

    tags: analytics audience-response-system conference customer-feedback event-log
  • Engagenow

  • Engage your audience on Second Screen in real-time during the conferences, events, radio programmes and TV shows. Use live Q&A, quizzes and polls.

    tags: events voting conference conversation audience
  • Pigeonhole Live

  • Pigeonhole Live is a web-based mobile optimised audience engagement tool for live events and meetings. Perfect for event organizers looking to enhance interactivity and engagement at their events.

    tags: analytics anonymous-interaction audience-engagement audience-interaction audience-response-system
  • tricider

  • Easy decision making. Creative and collaborative.

    tags: brainstorming voting
  • Glisser

  • Glisser makes presentations interactive – it takes regular PowerPoint or Keynote slide decks and pushes them out live to audience mobile devices, slide-by-slide, as they are presented. It then enables members of the audience to interact with the presenter or each other, and collects valuable feedback. Attendees can also electronically mark-up the slides with notes, and keep them for future reference.

    tags: clear-interface customer-feedback customizable questions-and-answers simple-user-interface

  • Capture your audience with SOPRESO, a presentation assistant software with polling, questions, and much more. Forget audience response systems, use SOPRESO.

    tags: Discontinued conference conference-management conferences event-apps
  • Mentimeter

  • Audience engagement made awesomely

    tags: productivity-tool polls poll polling-tool audience-response-system
  • CON.FO

  • - CON.FO facilitates two-way communication between presenter and the audience of any size.- Audience members use their own mobile devices connected to internet over wi-fi or GSM.- Create short url that makes it easy for attendees to participate.- Users can post questions anonymously or they can set their real names (or nicknames).- Attendees can vote on questions they like the most.- You have complete control over all user entries - Filter incoming questions to stay focused.- All entries can be exported in a structured (Excel) format. »

    tags: attendee-feedback audience-response-system conference engagement events
  • DirectPoll

  • Create and conduct polls in a minute. Use it in your flipped classroom, in your lecture or just to amaze your audience.

    tags: audience-response-system audience-polling
  • Kiunei

  • Kiunei is a simple, corporate Q&A tool for large events. (Inspired by Google Moderator .)

    tags: events questions-and-answers
  • Letsfeedback

  • Increase the interaction with your audience in your classes and presentations. Free plan available.

    tags: presentation audience-response-system audience-response audience-polling
  • Meetoo

  • Engage your audience with a live polling and messaging app. Meetoo makes it easy. Try it for free!

    tags: audience-response-system questions-and-answers voting
  • Niko

  • Niko gives us all a way to surface important questions, ideas, and concerns in a way that decision-makers and stakeholders can engage constructively before small problems become big ones. Unlike bulky, “sad-making” HR software, Niko is the single-purpose, simple, and intuitive solution to make sure everyone feels heard.

    tags: audience-response-system employee-engagement human-resources-management questions-and-answers software-as-a-service
  • ParticiPoll

  • ParticiPoll is a free audience polling system for PowerPoint that makes your presentations more fun and engaging. Drop polls into your existing presentations and collect votes via audience members' devices (no apps required)

    tags: audience-polling audience-response audience-response-system feedback-capture polling