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Chat Mapper alternatives

  • Chronicler

  • Chronicler is an open source desktop application which allows users to create CYOA/MCG (choose your own adventure/multiple choice games) interactive fiction using a GUI not dissimilar to Twine (i.e. in the style of a flow chart).

    tags: WINE choose-your-own-adventure cyoa dialog dialogue
  • articy:draft

  • The first professional tool for story and game design

    tags: game-development idea-management non-linear-editor project-manager story-boarding
  • Inklewriter

  • Inklewriter is a free tool by inkle, designed to allow anyone to write and publish interactive stories. It’s perfect for writers who want to try out interactivity, but also for teachers and students looking to mix computer skills and creative writing.

    tags: writing-editor planner treemap story-writing visual-thinking
  • TalkerMaker Deluxe

  • A fairly bare-bones FOSS alternative to applications like ChatMapper and articy:draft to allow for people who don't necessarily have the money to license those programs to still leverage branching dialogue in a clean and easy way.

    tags: chat-clients dialogue dialogue-editor game-development game-dialog-editor
  • iSpring TalkMaster

  • Build branching dialogue scenarios for business or education. Train and assess communication skills effectively and track results. Select the appropriate characters and backgrounds from an extensive library, or use your own custom photos for a familiar experience.Prepare your employees for professional conversations with iSpring TalkMaster. Publish your training scenarios to online format for perfect playback on any device. Upload to the Web or any SCORM compliant LMS.

    tags: business-training conversation dialog dialog-editor dialogue