Challonge alternatives

  • BinaryBeast

  • BinaryBeast is the premiere tournament management platform enabling gamers to create, manage and enter tournaments.

    tags: social-network games event-management tournament league-management

  • The best sports league management software and online event registration. Organize tournaments online for soccer, baseball or any sport.

    tags: league-management social-network sport-tracking sports tournament-organizing
  • TournamentMango

  • TournamentMango is an open source tournament bracket and user management system. You can build an archive of players and keep track of all their scores over time (as well as their regular characters, games, and aliases).

    tags: bracket esports tournament
  • DoLeague

  • Your software online to organize tournaments and create leagues. With DoLeague, organize and manage a championship of any sport has never been this simple.

    tags: health-and-fitness sports games event-management rankings
  • Zen Organizer

  • Tournament and Bracket Management application. Digitize candidate enrolment, Create individual or team events with criteria, Generate single or double elimination tournament brackets or round robin tournament schedule and maintain match progress online. Generate fillable blank brackets

    tags: online-tournament-organizer bracket-generator karate-tournament-management tournaments-scheduler sports-tournament-bracket
  • Pair Off Randomizer

  • Ever come across a situation when you need to randomly select a person from a group to pit against another randomly selected person from another group? Or a random team from one group against another random team from another group?

    tags: randomise pair-off
  • TopScore

  • TopScore makes league and event management software for sports organizations with a unique network model that allows for sharing of data between sites.

    tags: league-management sports sports-club-management tournament