calc4fem alternatives

  • Etabs

  • For nearly 30 years, ETABS has been recognized as the industry standard for Building Analysis and Design Software. Today, continuing in the same tradition, ETABS has evolved into a completely integrated building analysis and design environment. The system built around a physical object based graphical user interface, powered by targeted new special purpose algorithms for analysis and design, with interfaces for drafting and manufacturing, is redefining standards of integration, productivity and technical innovation. »

    tags: building-systems design drafting structures
  • SAP2000

  • The SAP name has been synonymous with state-of-the-art analytical methods since its introduction over 30 years ago. SAP2000 follows in the same tradition featuring a very sophisticated, intuitive and versatile user interface powered by an unmatched analysis engine and design tools for engineers working on transportation, industrial, public works, sports, and other facilities.

    tags: design structural structures
  • Analysis for Windows

  • Powerful Finite Element Analysis package for 2D and 3D constructions (frames and trusses)

    tags: structural-analysis

  • Interactive structural analysis program that provides preprocessing, analysis, and postprocessing capabilities.

    tags: structural-analysis
  • Structurix

  • Solve plane problems with elements: bars, beams, triangulars and space problems with elements: bars, beams, rectangular element for the calculation of the board flex, triangular element for the calculation of revolution solid.ElemFin allows the calculation of: displacements of each nodes, reactions to the supports, stress in each element.

    tags: structural-analysis
  • Estru3D

  • SourceForge presents the Estru3D project. Estru3D is an open source application. SourceForge provides the world's largest selection of Open Source Software. Structural analysis using the Stiffness Matrix method

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  • Structural Bridge Design

  • Structural Bridge Design bridge analysis software supports your design processes by integrating loading, analysis, and code checking (AASHTO LFRD, EUROCODES, and more) throughout the project.

    tags: structural-analysis structural-engineering structures
  • bars3d

  • Finite element analysis of 3-dimensional structures made of bars, designed for use in civil engineering.

    tags: civil-engineering structural-analysis three-dimensional
  • CSi Bridge

  • Three-dimensional bridge design software to perform analysis, design, and rating on a wide variety of bridge types.

    tags: structural-analysis structural-engineering structures
  • Diamonds

  • Diamonds is the perfect software for structural design analysis of beam grids, floor slabs, rafts, walls, frames and multi-storey buildings, ... in concrete or steel. Development of calculation engineering design software with powerfull tools en simple user interfaces

    tags: structural-analysis structural-engineering structures

  • DIANA (DIsplacement ANAlyzer) is an extensive multi-purpose finite element software package that is dedicated, but not exclusive, to a wide range of problems arising in Civil engineering including structural, geotechnical, tunnelling, earthquake disciplines and oil & gas engineering.DIANA is a well proven and tested software package that has been used on various landmark projects all over the world. The program's robust functionality includes extensive material models, element libraries and analysis procedures, which are based on the latest and the most advanced finite element analysis techniques.DIANA has been equipped with powerful solvers in order to optimize the solution procedures for all types of linear and nonlinear complex models with accurate results and fast computations.Its unique analysis capabilities are empowered by full modeling capabilities in 2D and 3D environments and tools for CAD interoperability.With the continuous demand for more efficient utilisation of resources and materials, together with the increasingly complex nature of engineering structures, DIANA is the all in one solution, which provides the competitive advantage when tackling design and assessment work in a huge range of civil and geotechnical scenarios. »

    tags: geotechnical-engineering structural-engineering structures

  • Free Structural Dynamics Software for Education

    tags: open-source-projects
  • Fachwerk & Fachwerk 3D

  • Fachwerk is aimed at structural engineers who analyse and design reinforced concrete structures. It intends to simplify the application of discontinuous stress fields and strut-and-tie models.

    tags: engineering engineering-analysis structural-analysis

  • SourceForge presents the FEMTA project. FEMTA is an open source application. SourceForge provides the world's largest selection of Open Source Software. Easy to use 3D truss analyzer using finite element methods.

    tags: structural-analysis

  • Free software for static and dynamic analysis of 3D moment-resisting elastic frames and trusses. Written in ANSI C. Source code includes: frame analysis with elastic and geometric stiffness, LDL' decomposition, LU decomposition, Newton-Raphson iteration, sub-space iteration, Stodola iteration, static condensation, Guyan reduction, dynamic condensation, Matlab support and spreadsheet support. Graphical output and mode shape animation via Gnuplot.

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