Buzz is a fast graphical editor for XML files with special support for OPML. Using the OPML convergence tools it will edit about any outline and ma...

--- ** + ****Standard Installation** NB: These are largely deprecated but are included for border cases ** + **Necessary The minimal installation will allow editting and saving opml and xml See mac os x notes below ** + **Download and Install python 2.2 or greater
** + **If you plan to use manila install xmlrpclib
--- ** + **Download and install wxpython/wxwindows On X-windows systems this will require wxGTK that can be found in the other section of the wxpython download
--- ** + **Download buzz.tgz to your home directory on *nix or c: buzz on windows buzz.tgz buzz.tgz ** + ***nix Open a terminal

buzz.opml alternatives

  • WorkFlowy

  • Workflowy lets you organise your brain into easily manageable lists. It also works as a single-pane outliner with inline notes. It offers one-click...

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    platform: Online Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad
  • Checkvist

  • Checkvist is a web tool for creating online outlines, hierarchical task lists, collecting and structuring all kinds of information. It has an outst...

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  • is designed to be the best and easiest way to keep your life and thoughts organized: projects, to-do lists, appointments, contacts, reminder...

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  • UV Outliner

  • UV Outliner is a small and powerful single-pane outliner. It is intended for creating, organizing, and collecting information.

    tags: Discontinued brainstorm note-taking outliner personal-information-manager
    platform: Windows Discontinued
  • OmniOutliner

  • OmniOutliner is a start-to-finish writing app. Perfect for collecting information, outlining Big Ideas, adding structure to any sort of writing, an...

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  • Orgzly

  • Outliner for notes and tasks in plain-text

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    platform: Android
  • Tkoutline

  • Tkoutline is a single pane, cross-platform outline editor written in Tcl/Tk . With this editor, information can be structured hierarchically in an ...

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  • Tree

  • Tree is an outliner featuring a horizontally expandable tree view. Tree assists you in organizing your information, sketching plans and brainstormi...

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  • TreeLine

  • TreeLine just stores almost any kind of information. A tree structure makes it easy to keep things organized. And each node in the tree can contain...

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  • Cloud Outliner

  • Cross-platform app for Mac, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Sync outlines between computers and devices with iCloud. Sync outlines with Evernote, Imp...

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    platform: Mac OS X Online iPhone iPad
  • Outspline

  • Outspline is a free and open-source modular outliner whose functionality can be extended with addons. The most important addon is Organism, which a...

    tags: note-taking organizer outliner productivity-tool
    platform: Linux Python wxPython
  • Fargo

  • Fargo is a simple idea outliner, notepad, todo list, blogging tool, project organizer.

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    platform: Online Dropbox
  • Natara Bonsai

  • Natara Bonsai is a Palm OS and Windows Mobile outliner application with a Windows desktop client that also works as a full-featured standalone outl...

    tags: Discontinued project-management organizer todo-manager getting-things-done
    platform: Windows Windows Mobile HP webOS Discontinued
  • Foldout

  • A desktop application for Windows only. Foldout is a single-page outliner, meaning the text you enter is directly organized in a tree structure. Th...

    tags: note-taking opml-import outline-editor outliner personal-information-manager
    platform: Windows .NET Framework
  • Simple Outliner

  • Simple Outliner is an outline processor which can be operated easily.

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    platform: iPhone iPad