--- ** + ****Standard Installation** NB: These are largely deprecated but are included for border cases ** + **Necessary The minimal installation will allow editting and saving opml and xml See mac os x notes below ** + **Download and Install python 2.2 or greater
** + **If you plan to use manila install xmlrpclib
--- ** + **Download and install wxpython/wxwindows On X-windows systems this will require wxGTK that can be found in the other section of the wxpython download
--- ** + **Download buzz.tgz to your home directory on *nix or c: buzz on windows buzz.tgz buzz.tgz ** + ***nix Open a terminal

buzz.opml alternatives

  • WorkFlowy

  • Workflowy lets you organise your brain into easily manageable lists. It also works as a single-pane outliner with inline notes. It offers one-click hoisting (zooming into branches). The online version syncs with mobile apps.

    tags: full-text-search hierarchical-structure infinite-hierarchical-depth lists mobile-sync
    platform: Online Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad
  • Checkvist

  • Checkvist is a web tool for creating online outlines, hierarchical task lists, collecting and structuring all kinds of information. It has an outstanding keyboard support so you can easily re-structure your lists, filter, hoist and beef them up with tags, due dates, links, or attachments. Collaboration, Markdown, code highlighting, import and export (OPML, text) make Checkvist an ideal hub for working on complex IT projects.

    tags: checklist checklists getting-things-done keyboard-centric keyboard-focused
    platform: Online Android iPhone iPad

  • is designed to be the best and easiest way to keep your life and thoughts organized: projects, to-do lists, appointments, contacts, reminders, events, and anything else you want to write down. As all modern apps should be, is available on any computer, tablet, or phone and synchronizes all devices and users in realtime.

    tags: getting-things-done note-taking outliner productivity-tool project-management
    platform: Online Android iPhone Chrome OS
  • UV Outliner

  • UV Outliner is a small and powerful single-pane outliner. It is intended for creating, organizing, and collecting information.

    tags: Discontinued brainstorm note-taking outliner personal-information-manager
    platform: Windows Discontinued
  • OmniOutliner

  • OmniOutliner is a start-to-finish writing app. Perfect for collecting information, outlining Big Ideas, adding structure to any sort of writing, and much more. From grocery lists to email drafts to long-form composition.

    tags: document-processing note-taking opml-import outliner reference-manager
    platform: Mac OS X iPhone iPad
  • Orgzly

  • Outliner for notes and tasks in plain-text

    tags: dropbox-sync notes-management todo-manager
    platform: Android
  • Tkoutline

  • Tkoutline is a single pane, cross-platform outline editor written in Tcl/Tk . With this editor, information can be structured hierarchically in an outline and outlines can be hyperlinked together to create a web of outlines.

    tags: note-taking outliner
    platform: Windows Linux
  • Tree

  • Tree is an outliner featuring a horizontally expandable tree view. Tree assists you in organizing your information, sketching plans and brainstorming new ideas. Tree allows you to store your ideas and keywords in segments that you can sort, re-arrange and constantly refine. Tree is designed to be a lightweight application that lets you concentrate on your ideas.

    tags: organizer todo-manager outliner idea tree-view
    platform: Mac OS X
  • TreeLine

  • TreeLine just stores almost any kind of information. A tree structure makes it easy to keep things organized. And each node in the tree can contain several fields, forming a mini-database. The output format for each node can be defined, and the output can be shown on the screen, printed, or exported to html. TreeLine can also act as a basic editor for any kind of XML file.

    tags: database personal-information-manager xml-editor
    platform: Windows Linux
  • Cloud Outliner

  • Cross-platform app for Mac, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Sync outlines between computers and devices with iCloud. Sync outlines with Evernote, Import and export outlines in OPML format.

    tags: organizer outliner
    platform: Mac OS X Online iPhone iPad
  • Outspline

  • Outspline is a free and open-source modular outliner whose functionality can be extended with addons. The most important addon is Organism, which adds advanced time management features and turns the application into a personal organizer, perfectly suited for working with todo lists, scheduling tasks and reminding events.

    tags: note-taking organizer outliner productivity-tool
    platform: Linux Python wxPython
  • Fargo

  • Fargo is a simple idea outliner, notepad, todo list, blogging tool, project organizer.

    tags: note-taking outliner
    platform: Online Dropbox
  • Natara Bonsai

  • Natara Bonsai is a Palm OS and Windows Mobile outliner application with a Windows desktop client that also works as a full-featured standalone outliner and task manager. The Bonsai 5 Desktop Edition offers multiple views of a hierarchical outline: single-, dual- or triple-pane visualisations.

    tags: Discontinued project-management organizer todo-manager getting-things-done
    platform: Windows Windows Mobile HP webOS Discontinued
  • Foldout

  • A desktop application for Windows only. Foldout is a single-page outliner, meaning the text you enter is directly organized in a tree structure. This is opposed to a dual-pane outliner, which presents a tree, but you have to click on each node to see the text within it. Supports rich text, including images. Fast and intuitive keyboard navigation. Export to text, Word, and HTML. Multiple numbering systems available (e.g. Roman numerals).

    tags: note-taking opml-import outline-editor outliner personal-information-manager
    platform: Windows .NET Framework
  • Simple Outliner

  • Simple Outliner is an outline processor which can be operated easily.

    tags: note-taking outliner
    platform: iPhone iPad