butt (broadcast using this tool)!

butt (broadcast using this tool) alternatives

  • Nicecast

  • Nicecast makes it possible to broadcast music from any application or sound input on the Mac. Its got its own streaming server included which makes it easy to stream music through a LAN, but can also easily connect to shoutcast or icecast servers.Its got effects, mixers and the option to record broadcasts in several formats.

    tags: streaming broadcasting music-streaming shoutcast one-click
    platform: Mac OS X
  • Rocket Broadcaster

  • Rocket Broadcaster streams audio to Icecast, SHOUTcast, and most online streaming services, such as Airtime Pro, Radio.co, SHOUTcast.com, and RadioJar. It can record and broadcast all your desktop audio, including from Skype and Spotify, so you can seamlessly mix live interviews or call-in shows and other audio.

    tags: audio-broadcast broadcasting icecast live-broadcasting shoutcast
    platform: Windows
  • SHOUTcast Radio DSP plug-in

  • Gives Winamp the possibility to connect to a shoutcast streaming server by transmitting the music played or audio from any selected input.

    tags: Discontinued streaming broadcasting music-streaming shoutcast
    platform: Windows Discontinued