brainCloud is a ready-made, cloud-based back-end in a box for the development of games, apps and things.

brainCloud alternatives

  • deployd

  • API development tool for Web and Mobile developers.

    tags: html5 customer-support ios-development android-development backend-as-a-service
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online
  • Parse Server

  • Parse Server is a API compatible router package for Node.js/Express.js.

    tags: api backend development mobile-development-api parse-compatible
    platform: Self-Hosted expressJS Node.JS

  • Build your app in minutes. No vendor lock-in Deploy BaasBox anywhere you like with SDKs for iOS, Android and Javascript

    tags: angular backend backend-as-a-service database developer-tools
    platform: Windows Linux Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad
  • Heroic Labs Managed Cloud

  • Heroic Labs are the developers behind Nakama server - The open-source social and realtime server for apps and games. Nakama powers social friends, ...

    tags: database-server game-database game-development game-server gamedev
    platform: Online Windows Mobile Android iPhone Java Mobile Chrome OS Android Tablet Windows Phone iPad Apple Watch Apple TV Unity Playstation Xbox
  • Nakama

  • Heroic Labs builds Nakama; an open-source distributed social and realtime server for games and apps. It includes a large set of services for users,...

    tags: app-development backend chat-clients developer-tools development
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online Self-Hosted Unity
  • AWS Mobile Hub

  • AWS Mobile Hub lets you easily add and configure features for your mobile apps, including user authentication, data storage, backend logic, push no...

    tags: analytics authentication backend-as-a-service content-delivery data-storage
    platform: Online

  • is the Real Parse Alternative based on the Parse Server Open Source technologies. SashiDo keeps the server management away, so you can c...

    tags: free-parse-migration github-integration hosting-platform mbaas mobile-apps-development
    platform: Online Android iPhone Self-Hosted Appcelerator Firebase Amazon Web Services Urban Airship AWS Mobile Hub Parse Server Heroku Parse deployd NodeChef Backendless
  • moback

  • moBack is an enterprise-ready mobile backend platform that combines an array of services for rapid development and deployment of applications over ...

    tags: backend-as-a-service enterprise-software mbaas mobile-apps-development scalable
    platform: Online
  • Kumulos

  • Kumulos is the secure, easy to use revenue growth platform, build round a mobile backend as a service and analytics platform that's trusted by thou...

    tags: android-apps android-appstore android-development angular backend-as-a-service
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Windows Mobile Android iPhone Java Mobile Blackberry Android Tablet Windows Phone iPad Apple TV Oculus Rift
  • Backendless

  • Empower your app to the full with rich set of beneficial features and ready mobile Backend with Backendless overall Application Development Platfor...

    tags: app-development backend backend-as-a-service mbaas mobile-application-platform
    platform: Online Self-Hosted
  • API Plug

  • API Plug enables developers to create their own API and backend management software from their databases and download all source codes of these sof...

    tags: api api-management developer-tools development rest-api
    platform: Online
  • Jexia

  • Build Real-Time Applications

    tags: analytics backend-as-a-service developer-tools graphql-api mbaas
    platform: Windows Linux IBM Bluemix Self-Hosted Firebase Parse Pusher deployd
  • PlayFab

  • PlayFab offers a complete backend service to build, launch, and grow live games

    tags: analytics authentication backend backend-as-a-service data-storage
    platform: Online
  • Back4App

  • Back4App is an open source backend that uses Parse framework and helps developers build scalable and extensible applications at a much more rapid p...

    tags: backend backend-as-a-service internet-of-things mobile-apps-development parse-server
    platform: Android iPhone Blackberry Android Tablet Windows Phone iPad Apple Watch Apple TV Android Wear
  • Syncano

  • Syncano is a serverless application platform that gives developers a seamless environment for user management, microservices, real-time data and ev...

    tags: application-builder application-development application-development-tools backend backend-as-a-service
    platform: Online