Blitz makes load and performance testing of your web site, API, iPhone and Android and Facebook apps a fun sport.

Blitz is cloud-based, there is no software to install. Blitz supports up to 200,000 virtual users from 8 different worldwide locations (up to 50,000 per region to load test your app or website. alternatives

  • Apache JMeter

  • The Apache JMeter desktop application is open source software, a 100% pure Java application designed to load test functional behavior and measure p...

    tags: reporting http load-testing mongodb ldap
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux
  • locust

  • An open source load testing tool written in Python. Locust allows you to define user behaviour with Python code, and swarm your system with million...

    tags: performance-testing load-testing
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Self-Hosted Python

  • is a simple cloud-based load testing servicethat allows you to stress test your web-apps & apis with thousands of concurrent connections....

    tags: load-testing performance-test performance-testing stress-testing testing
    platform: Online
  • Low Orbit Ion Cannon

  • LOIC is an open source network stress testing application, written in C#.

    tags: WINE ddos distributed-denial-of-service network-stress-testing network-testing
    platform: Windows Linux
  • OctoPerf

  • Load tests secure the performances of your web and mobile applications, whatever the number of visitors. They preserve your brand image and your sa...

    tags: jmeter load-testing performance-testing self-service stress-testing
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux
  • CloudTest

  • SOASTA's powerful load testing and performance monitoring solutions give you a crystal-clear view of the relationship between end-to-end performanc...

    tags: http-load-test http-load-testing load-generation load-testing performance-test
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Online Chrome OS Windows RT Self-Hosted
  • WAPT

  • WAPT Pro is a load and performance testing tool that works for any web site from a simple web service to a customized ERP or CRM solution. Mobile w...

    tags: customizable load-testing performance-report performance-testing qa-testing
    platform: Windows
  • Load Impact

  • How many users can my web site handle? Load Impact is an online load testing service that lets you stress test your web site with just a few mouse ...

    tags: performance-testing stress-testing user-behavior-simulation web-testing
    platform: Online
  • StresStimulus

  • Works as a stand-alone tool or Fiddler add-on.

    tags: load-generation load-testing performance-testing stress-testing website-load-testing
    platform: Windows
  • Yandex.Tank

  • Find out about your app’s performance limits and bottlenecks in order to use your resources in a most effective way. Ensure your app is scalable an...

    tags: testing benchmarking performance-testing load-testing
    platform: Linux

  • Performance and Load Testing with Enterprise-Level Features using a familiar jMeter interface.

    tags: developers infrastructure-monitoring load-testing network-stress-testing network-testing
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux
  • Cavisson NetStorm

  • Cavisson NetStorm is a cost-effective, performance enhancing and easy-to-use appliance for enterprise applications. It is an extremely powerful loa...

    tags: applicationperformancetesting load-generation load-testing loadtesting performance-test
    platform: Linux Ubuntu
  • LoadFocus

  • Free Cloud Load Testing Service, Speed Testing for Websites, Applications and APIs. Helps you run load and performance tests from within browsers i...

    tags: http-load-testing load-testing performance-testing web-development website-load-testing
    platform: Online
  • BlazeMeter

  • BlazeMeter is a self- service performance & load testing cloud, 100% JMeter-compatible. Easily run tests of 30k, 50k, 80k or more concurrent users,...

    tags: developers diy do-it-yourself load-testing performance-testing
    platform: Online

  • Load Testing for Everyone

    tags: cloud-testing free-testing gatling gatling-cloud jmeter
    platform: Online