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  • Caustic

  • Caustic is a music creation tool inspired by rack-mount synthesizers / samplers rigs. Everything is real-time and optimized for mobile devices.

    tags: audio-recording beat-maker loops music-mixing music-production
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad
  • Hydrogen

  • Hydrogen is an advanced drum machine for GNU/Linux. It's main goal is to bring professional yet simple and intuitive pattern-based drum programming.

    tags: drum drum-machine drums loop-sequencer midi
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux
  • DM1 Drum machine

  • DM1 is an advanced vintage Drum Machine. It turns your iPhone into a fun and creative beat making machine. Easy and fast to use, loaded with 64 superb electronic drum kits and beautiful hyper-realistic graphics, DM1 has been designed for a lot of instant fun.

    tags: customizable drum-machine
    platform: iPhone iPad
  • KORG Gadget

  • KORG Gadget offers a collection of more than 20* different synthesizers and drum machines called “Gadgets.” These gadgets were designed to assist the user to produce powerful electronic music. The latest version features universal support not only for the iPad, but also for the iPad Pro and the iPhone. The painstaking attention that Korg has given its hardware instruments for more than fifty years has now taken shape as cutting-edge software in the Gadget. It's the ultimate all-in-one music production studio app. »

    tags: digital-audio-workstation multitrack music-production music-sequencer music-studio
    platform: Mac OS X iPhone iPad
  • Zquence Studio

  • Loaded with a large set of possibilities to create you own songs whenever you want and wherever you are while having the option to continue working on the song in other DAW program, such as FL Studio and Cubase. High quality 16 bit sound, 44.1 kHz bit rate, stereo playback and exporting.

    tags: music-production music-sequencer multitrack music-studio drum-machine
    platform: Android Windows Phone
  • G-Stomper Studio

  • G-Stomper Studio is a Music Production Tool, highly optimized for doing Electronic Live Performances in Studio Quality. It's a feature packed, Step Sequencer based Drum Machine/Groovebox, an Analog Modeling Synthesizer (VA-Beast), a polyphonic + a monophonic Step Sequencer for melodies, a Track Grid Sequencer for Beats, a Piano Keyboard, 24 Drum Pads, an Effect Rack, a Master Section, a Line Mixer and a Live Pattern/Song Arranger. Wherever you are, take your mobile device and start straight away creating your own music. »

    tags: music-production music-recording music-sequencer multitrack music-studio
    platform: Android Android Tablet
  • Cubasis

  • Cubasis is Steinberg’s streamlined, multitouch sequencer for the iPad. Specially designed for quick and easy operation, Cubasis makes recording, editing and mixing a breeze. Record tracks in high-resolution audio quality, and edit your music with the Key and Sample Editors, while the included mixer and audio effects polish your song to perfection. Cubasis comes loaded with three virtual instruments which can be played in real time using the virtual keyboard and drum pads. Cubasis’ projects can be even opened in Cubase under Windows and OS X! Cubasis places touch-intuitive production tools in your hands, opening up a new world of possibilities for your creativity. »

    tags: music-production music-sequencer mixer sound-mixer
    platform: iPad

  • XENON includes polyphonic hybrid synthesizer, 2 VA monophonic synthesizers, polyphonic PCM synthesizer, rhythm machine, sequencer, mixer and also includes over 350 preset sounds.

    tags: beat-maker composing loops music-production sequencer
    platform: iPhone iPad
  • Music Maker Studio

  • Compose your own music and songs and arrange with a multi-track MIDI sequencer.Write ideas once and see how they sound in different chord progressions, with the one-of-its kind feature of automatic harmonic transposition.It combines several tools to let you quickly shape your songs while exploring different ideas.It includes a step sequencer for drums hits, a piano roll editor for down-to-the note editing, a rhythm editor to try out different rhythm alternatives. Plus, organize your song into sections and modify and repeat them at will. You will be amazed how fast, easy and fun writing music can be with this app.The sounds are produced by the MIDI synthesizer of your device, so you can choose among all the 128 instruments specified by the General MIDI standard, which include many types of guitars, basses, pianos, brasses, strings, pads, synthesizers, percussion, woods and some effects. »

    tags: midi midi-editor song-writing multi-track-sequencer multi-track-audio-mixer
    platform: Android
  • NanoStudio

  • NanoStudio is a recording studio for iOS, OS X and Windows. It has virtual analogue synths, sample trigger pads, a comprehensive sequencer, a sample editor, a mixer and multiple effects all integrated into a single application.

    tags: composing mixing music-production music-studio sequencer
    platform: Mac OS X Windows iPhone iPad

  • With "Hip hop beat maker" you can make a new hiphop beat in a few of touches, as in a drum pad. Make your own music with the beats!Easy beat maker, just select the BMP and the sound you like and press the pads to place the sounds. This make easy and fast make your new hip hop beats to rap your trap music.

    tags: loops hip-hop mpc drumpad hiphop
    platform: Android Windows Phone
  • Hit Sense Audio

  • Hit Sense Audio detects the tap or hit vibrations on the surface where the device is placed on and play one of the 12 percussion and enjoyful sound effect you have selected.

    tags: synthesizer audio-effects sound-effects musical-instrument tapping
    platform: Android Windows Phone
  • OrdrumBox

  • orDrumbox - Free Drum Machine Software for Windows, mac OS X and Linux.The orDrumbox use Natural Language Processing for matching sounds to tracks and to "categorize" sounds.It's an amazing and powerfull feature. Just name a track with a "standard like" name of instrument (i.e: "electric bass 1" or just "bd" ) and the orDrumbox will assign it to the nearest instrument available in the current drum kit. A soft synth with available and can generate sounds unsing an analog synth emulation : two VCO generator, FM modulation, enveloppe ADSR controler, low pass / hi pass filters. You can create songs by assembling various patterns. It's up to you to determine the number of beats in each pattern (16 or 32 or whatever).Each pattern is composed of tracks (as many as you want). Each track corresponds to one sound.The tracks/sounds can be pitched and mixed and panoramized, and solo/muted/ with the interface. Polyrhythms capabilities: Add a loop point at the step you want, independently on each track.Each track is composed of notes (one note by beat). On each note, you can independently control pitch (from -12 to +12 semitones) and volume. Some notes can be loop point or scale notesThe number of different sounds is not limited, neither the number of tracks in a pattern, nor the number of patterns in a song.A midi importation/exportation is available, so you can import midi files or export your songs as midi file.orDrumbox can play in midi mode using an internal GMkit.orDrumbox can send midi message to any midi device connected to your computer.orDrumbox can recieve midi message to any midi device connected to your computer.The orDrumbox generates and exports songs and individual patterns in 16 bits /44 Khz/stereo sounds CD-quality, so you can re-use them in any other sound application. Automatic composer and arpeggiator. »

    tags: drum-machine
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux
  • n-Track Studio

  • n-Track Studio is an audio and MIDI multitrack recorder that turns your device into a full-fledged recording studio. Record and playback a virtually unlimited number of tracks, mix them during playback and add effects. Create MIDI tracks using the built-in General MIDI synth. Edit, cut, copy and paste, zoom and drag MIDI and audio parts.

    tags: music-production music-recording music-sequencer multitrack music-studio
    platform: Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad
  • RD4 Groovebox

  • Turn your phone or tablet into a musical instrument! RD4 - Groovebox is a music making app with virtual analog synthesizers, drum machines and effects. Compose and arrange your music in real-time. Choose instruments individually for the 4 channels. Record live or set notes with the dedicated sequencer or piano roll of each instrument.

    tags: music-production music-sequencer multitrack music-studio drum-machine
    platform: Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad