For most normal phones (feature-phones, pointing the phones browser to the JAD file will install the software. For BlackBerry (OS 9 and earlier, pointing the browser at the JAR file will install the software. The COD and ALX files are only provided for installation via the BlackBerry Desktop Manager and are usually not needed. The last released version os and it's usually suggested to install this version: JAD (for classic phones downloads/, JAR (for BlackBerry downloads/ Some users reported problems with the release. If that version doesn't work for you, you can try the slightly buggier 0.5.3 release: JAD (for classic phones downloads/0.5.3/bbtracker.jad, JAR (for BlackBerry downloads/0.5.3/bbtracker.jar. Installing any other vers

bbTracker alternatives

  • MyTrails

  • Offline trail maps for Android (and online too!)Full-screen trail map oriented with the built-in compassKnow exactly which direction you are goingUncluttered map area, with unobtrusive controls and a traditional scale with track duration and distanceRecord GPS tracksVisualize your track at any time and analyse your course during or after the outdoor activityDisplay multiple GPS tracks at onceVisualize your previous outings and those uploaded to GPS community sites, so you always pick a great trailColorized tracksVisualize the key indicators of the track (altitude, speed, rate of ascent, slope, GPS accuracy) right on the map with a detailed legendOpenGL renderingAccelerated map drawing, allows smooth and snappy display even with tens of thousands of track pointsKinetic scrolling, pinch zoomingHave fun exploring and interacting with the mapOffline mapsSave battery and data chargesThe map displays instantaneouslyOptionally falls back to online for non-covered areasOffline map creationNo need to use desktop-based tools to create offline maps, you can do it in MyTrails, in the backgroundPause and resume the tile downloadDownload on WiFi only to save data charges, or go wildOnline mapsPick from many built-in online map sources (OpenStreetMap, Yahoo, Bing and many other global and local providers)Add more map sources using the editable Flexible URL providerGesturesEasily switch between active maps by swiping three fingers left to right in the map view.Pull down the HUD with information on your speed and altitude by swiping three fingers down your screenSave and load GPX filesDisplay your previous tracks in MyTrails, geocode your pictures, use the tracks on the web or your computerMGM for offline mapsCreate your own MGM packs based on existing tools and efficiently store multiple zoom levels and different maps formats ยป

    tags: gps sports gps-navigation map-online cycling
    platform: Android
  • Mobile Trail Explorer

  • Mobile Trail Explorer is an application where user can view and record tracks using the mobile phone and GPS device (either external or internal). Recorded tracks can be exported in KML or GPX formats so that they can be viewed in Google Earth application. Mobile Trail Explorer is mainly targeted for recording biking, hiking etc. trails.

    tags: gps gpx kml waypoint trail
    platform: Java Mobile
  • EveryTrail

  • TRACK, SHARE, EXPLORE... Blaze your own trail with EveryTrail! Track your trips, take photos and add your story. Then share it all with one click at, Facebook and Twitter.

    tags: Discontinued gps share-location tracklog trips
    platform: Online Windows Mobile Android iPhone Blackberry Discontinued
  • TrekBuddy

  • J2ME application for GPS tracking and navigation, bluetooth serial internal GPS, offline maps, GPX and NMEA tracklogs, location sharing, waypoints, navigation

    tags: gps gpx nmea offline offline-maps
    platform: Windows Mobile Android Java Mobile Symbian S60 HP webOS Blackberry
  • Mytracks

  • location swiss army knife

    tags: photography
    platform: Mac OS X
  • Trails - GPS tracker

  • Record your hikes, bike trips or jogs directly on your iPhone. Easily import tracks by simply searching on popular GPS websites such as and to find hikes and jogs of other users and follow their tracks on your iPhone.

    tags: gps gpx tracklog
    platform: iPhone
  • TripTrack

  • TripTrack is the best way to share your GPS trips, show your geo-tagged slideshow of photos on map, and tell your story.

    tags: gps photos slideshow
    platform: Online