bash-completion alternatives

  • win-bash

  • win-bash is a Windows port of the famous GNU bash (see GNU Bash homepage).

    tags: bash interpreter shell terminal-client unix
    platform: Windows
  • sash

  • a stand-alone shell with many built-in commands. The built in commands of sash have all libraries linked statically, so unlike most shells, the standard UNIX commands do not rely on external libraries. In case of emergencies, you can boot directly into sash and use it as a recovery environment.

    tags: bash command-line interpreter shell system-recovery
    platform: Linux
  • rush

  • rush is a replacement for the unix shell (bash, zsh, etc) which uses pure Ruby syntax. Grep through files, find and kill processes, copy files - everything you do in the shell, now in Ruby.

    tags: command-line-interface shell
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux BSD