audriga Email and Groupware migration!

# Einfach E-Mails und Groupware-Daten migrieren Mit dem Umzugsdienst von audriga können Sie Ihre Daten **schnell und ohne Softwareinstallation** migrieren. Der Dienst verbindet sich direkt mit Ihrem bisherigen Server oder Anbieter und zieht Ihre Daten zum neuen Server oder Anbieter um. Dabei werden **alle gängigen Server und Anbieter ** unterstützt. Jetzt kostenlos testen

audriga Email and Groupware migration alternatives

  • imapsync

  • Console-based utility for migrating IMAP mailboxes.

    tags: account-backup account-migration command-line imap imap-transfers
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux
  • IMAPSize

  • IMAPSize is a portable freeware Windows application that allows you to quickly and efficiently manage your IMAP mail accounts. It is not another mail client. The main purpose of IMAPSize is to locate space consuming folders and allow you to manage them, hence putting your storage quota under control. To accomplish this task IMAPSize offers a variety of useful (and some unique) operations.

    tags: Portable imap manage-account manage-imap-account change-mailheader
    platform: Windows
  • YippieMove

  • YippieMove is the world's most powerful email migration tool. Regardless if you're looking to migrate one, one hundred or several thousand email accounts, YippieMove is your best friend.

    tags: api gmail email-management yahoo google-apps
    platform: Online
  • IMAP Upload

  • IMAP Upload is a tool for uploading a local mbox file to IMAP4 server. The most stable way to migrate to Gmail.

    tags: command-line-interface imap python-app email-migration
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux BSD
  • mnIMAPSync

  • mnIMAPSync - Java IMAP email syncing tool

    tags: imap gmail yahoo email-migration migration
    platform: Windows Linux
  • ShuttleCloud

  • ShuttleCloud is a cloud migration service that helps you switch online services like email, contacts, documents, etc.

    tags: imap gmail yahoo email-migration migration
    platform: Online
  • MigrationWiz

  • MigrationWiz provides on-demand mailbox migration services through a fully automated cloud-based solution that can be accessed at anytime from anywhere to perform a seamless mailbox migration on demand. Without the inconvenience of additional hardware or software to install, this patent pending technology allows the consumer to sign-up, configure and initiate a migration in a matter of minutes with no prior experience.

    tags: enterprise email-migration
    platform: Online