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Aploris alternatives

  • AnyChart

  • AnyChart is a flexible, cross-platform and cross-browser JavaScript charting library that allows you to create interactive HTML5 charts, stock charts, maps, Gantt charts, and dashboards for any project, in any browser, on any platform/OS.

    tags: bar-chart charting charts data-visualization design-tools
  • PlusX Excel Add-In

  • PlusX Excel Add-In is a 100% free and 100% safe addition to Excel, shown as a new tab on the standart menu. The application has several groups of functionality: Charts, Shortcuts, Rates and Browser.

    tags: bubble-chart chart charts-and-visualization currency dashboarding
  • think-cell chart

  • think-cell chart helps create bar charts, waterfall charts, Marimekko charts and Gantt charts, on Microsoft PowerPoint presentation slides from Microsoft Excel data sheets.

    tags: charting gantt-charts marimekko-chart marimekko-diagram waterfall-chart
  • Peltier Tech Marimekko Chart Utility

  • Peltier Tech Marimekko Chart Utility is a add-in for Microsoft Excel that enables quick creation of Marimekko charts.

    tags: infographics marimekko-chart marimekko-diagram mosaic-plots
  • Quick Dashboard Charts for Excel

  • Quick Dashboard Charts for Excel is an add-in software for Microsoft Office Excel This gallery provides Excel chart types .This gallery contains different chart types, a selection of which is shown below.

    tags: charts dashboard waterfall-excel-chart percentage-cube-chart excel-add-in-chart
  • Ultimate Dashboard Tools for Excel

  • Excel Dashboard School - Our free tutorial programs and free excel dashboard templates focus on excel newbies and advanced users for the world.

    tags: Portable business-dashboards double-donut-chart educational excel-add-in
  • Power-user

  • While anyone can create a basic PowerPoint presentation, it takes a lot of experience and effort to design one that is going to both captivate your audience and help you get your point across.

    tags: powerpoint presentation production slides strategy-game
  • Airt Magic


    tags: excel-add-in formats gantt-charts menu-bar repair-files
  • Mekko Graphics

  • Mekko Graphics provides all the charting capabilities you will need in one simple package that works seamlessly with Microsoft PowerPoint.

    tags: charts graphics infographics marimekko-chart marimekko-diagram
  • UpSlide

  • UpSlide has rapidly built a base of over 150,000 users, in 30+ countries, across all industries. Thousands of customers use UpSlide to generate millions of documents and reports every year, including leading companies like BNP Paribas, Sanofi, Credit Agricole, AXA and Deloitte In Extenso to name a few...

    tags: excel-add-in financial-reporting office-addon