Download and double-click to start the installer, then follow the instructions. Important: if Algodoo runs slowly, please make sure you update your graphics drivers! Download for Windows
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Download and double-click to mount, then open the mounted image on your desktop and copy the Algodoo application to your Applications directory. Download for Mac
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Algodoo alternatives

  • Garry's Mod

  • Garry’s Mod is a sandbox game only available on Steam.

    tags: community-based game-creation game-engine open-world physics-sandbox
  • Physion

  • Physion is a Physics simulation software for creating interactive physics simulations and educational experiments.

    tags: educational-game physics-game physics-simulation
  • Crayon Physics Deluxe

  • Crayon Physics Deluxe is a 2D physics puzzle / sandbox game, in which you get to experience what it would be like if your drawings would be magically transformed into real physical objects. Solve puzzles with your artistic vision and creative use of physics.

    tags: 2d-games physics-game puzzle-game sandbox-game
  • Magic Pen

  • Robots vs Magic has always been cool. Play as the awesome droids and take down that pesky wizard in this side defense game. Build and upgrade your army by collecting strategically placed crystals, but don't let the enemy get their hands on them! If things ever get a bit too hairy, call down an awesome airstrike! Can't get enough army building action?

    tags: flash-game physics-game puzzle-game sandbox-game
  • SimPhy

  • Interactive 2D Physics simulation software

    tags: java simulation physics scripts gesture