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Aeon Timeline alternatives

  • Timeline JS

  • Beautifully crafted timelines that are easy, and intuitive to use.

    tags: embeddable flickr-integration google-maps timeline visual-timeline
  • Time.Graphics – flexible timeline

  • The service provides an opportunity on a single timeline to display all information about all the key indicators of the development of the project, the individual, the state and the company. Integration with all statistical systems (Google Analytics, World Bank Indicators, Google Play Analytics, YouTube Analytics, Facebook, GitHub, etc.). Together with important events that can also be displayed on the timeline, this service allows you to predict the future and consequently make appropriate solutions and solve more fundamental problems. »

    tags: analytics business-analisys data-visualization elearning-platform free-api
  • liniaa

  • See all your precious memories at a glance.Document and showcase your personal life along a horizontal timeline. Works great for documenting your children growing up, but also for the history of your club or organization.

    tags: multi-language multilevel-timeline-support personal-timeline share-photos slideshow
  • Newslines

  • Newslines lets people create shared timelines on any person, product or news event. Writers create news snippets that are combined into interactive multimedia timelines.

    tags: social-media news news-aggregator social-news crowdsourced
  • WikiTimelines

  • Wikitimelines is a collection of timelines on people, events and topics that anyone can add to or edit.

    tags: timelines notable-events refernece
  • Sutori

  • Stories touch, stories amaze, stories teach and stories connect.

    tags: interactive line multi-language presentation real-time-collaboration

  • Discover, record, and share events and history using timelines, photos, videos, maps, and descriptions.

    tags: web-tools timelines
  • SIMILE Widgets

  • SIMILE Widgets is an open-source “spin-off” from the SIMILE project at MIT. Here we offer free, open-source web widgets, mostly for data visualizations. They are maintained and improved over time by a community of open-source developers.

    tags: data-visualization timeline timeline-maker timeline-chart
  • Tiki-Toki

  • Welcome to TikiToki, a web app that makes it dead easy to make stunning, animated timelines that work in your browser.

    tags: animated-timeline events multi-language presentation timeline
  • Timeline Maker

  • Timeline Maker is the most complete software designed to easily create, present, and share timelines - fast. (Seems especially focused on making timelines for the legal field.)

    tags: presentation timeline timeline-maker timeline-chart
  • Timeline 3D

  • Timelines are for everyone who has a story to tell. Teachers, lawyers, film makers, students, and authors are just a few of the many people who are using Bee Docs Timeline to bring history to life.

    tags: timeline line
  • Twile

  • With Twile, you can create a rich, visual timeline of your family history, made up of milestones and photos, which everyone in your family can explore and contribute to. It’s designed for family historians who are passionate about learning more of their family history and want to share what they learn with the rest of the family. And it’s designed for the rest of the family, who can easily explore the family timeline and then add their own content to keep the family history right up-to-date.

    tags: genealogy timeline
  • Preceden

  • Preceden makes it easy to build simple, powerful timelines

    tags: timeline timeline-maker timeline-chart
  • TimeRime

  • is a website that allows visitors to create free timelines. These timelines can also be viewed or compared online.

    tags: widget timeline line time-line