AdColt alternatives

  • Google AdSense

  • Google AdSense is a free program that enables website publishers of all sizes to display relevant Google ads and earn.

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  • DoubleClick for Publishers

  • DoubleClick for Publishers (Google Ad Manager) is a easy-to-use, yet powerful ad management solution designed to meet the needs of growing publishers.

    tags: ad-management ad-serving advertising hosted
  • Adzerk

  • Adzerk is a cloud API platform for building integrated native ads in weeks, not years. Publishers can now build native ad platforms that rival Facebook's or Yelp's at a fraction of the time and cost. Customers include innovative brands like Reddit, Imgur, Chairish, and more.

    tags: ad-serving advertising api api-integration apis
  • Appsfire

  • Appsfire: the next generation of mobile advertising technologies, assisting developers and publishers in their quest for better marketing and growth.

    tags: advertising mobile-advertising mobile-marketing
  • AdHitz

  • Lets you sell ad space on your site.You choose the details and then paste the code to your site.It verifies if you have pasted the code and then Advertisers can buy that ad space.

    tags: ad-management ad-network ad-platform ad-serving ads

  • Most ad networks make you give up control of your ad space. They have restrictive terms, only allow certain ad sizes, don’t let you approve each ad on your website, and worst of all they pay you what they want to pay without disclosing the revenue share. With BuySellAds, it’s the complete opposite. We’re 100% transparent and you have total control over everything.

    tags: marketing ads ad-network ad-management
  • Broadstreet Ads

  • Broadstreet is an ad management platform built for those who favor simplicity. It's an alternative to OpenX and Google DFP for those who find themselves pulling their hair out when using them.

    tags: ad-management ad-serving ads advertising dfp

  • World's leading advertising network.

    tags: ads advertising advertising-network online-advertising
  • Alternative Adverts Adserver

  • Alternative Adverts offers website and mobile site operators the ability to monetize their traffic. The adserver is a contextual Pay Per Click and CPM advertising marketplace offering access to thousands of advertisers, and helping publishers monetize the traffic. Visit for more

    tags: advertising cpm online-advertising pay-per-click pay-per-click-advertising
  • AdNgin

  • Increase your website ad revenue with automatic a/b testing. easily test for the best ad positions, ad sizes, networks, ad types etc. use your own ad feeds or use our competitive market place for finding the best advertisers.

    tags: ab-testing adsense advertising optimization revenue-optimization
  • Infolinks

  • Infolinks leads the Pay Per Click Advertising industry with premium Contextual Advertising for Websites. Get the highest revenue share from In Text Ads - guaranteed.

    tags: pay-per-click-advertising ads-on-your-site contextual-advertising in-text-ads in-text-advertising
  • Ad Server Solutions

  • Ad Server Solutions provides next generation ad server technology. A robust ad server used for running your own ad exchange, real time bidding and ad network. Advertising network using rtb, targeting and optimization technology. Display, video and mobile advertising monetization to increase revenue

    tags: ad-exchange ad-management ad-network ad-platform ad-serving
  • OpenX Server

  • OpenX Ad Server is the world’s leading independent ad technology platform serving 300 billion ads monthly on more than 150,000 websites across the Internet. You can get the powerful OpenX Ad Server as a hosted service or as an open source download.

    tags: ad-management hosted advertising ad-serving
  • AdVirte

  • AdVirte advertising network for online advertisers, with PPC advertising, CPI ads, CPM ads and mobile app advertising. This ad network also has the free ad publisher program for web-masters toward monetizing their website or blog and which also has an affiliate referral program.

    tags: ad-platform advertising advertising-network affiliate-program cpm
  • AccountJoy

  • AccountJoy is an Account Based Marketing (ABM) tool, backed by big data and machine learning, which assists with focused-marketing to specific sets of accounts (companies) you'd want to target via display advertisements, drip email campaigns, and re-targeting. We have a database of over 4 million companies, and 300 million individuals which you can access to filter your target accounts and find decision makers. If your candidates aren't in our database, we'll find them for you.

    tags: account-based-marketing advertising b2b-sales display-ads drip-email-campaign