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Zynk alternatives

  • Skyvia

  • Skyvia is a web service for cloud data integration, management and backup. It provides quick and easy data integration with no coding, secure cloud-to-cloud data backup with one-click restore and online data management via SQL.

    tags: api-based-programs automated-tasks automation backup-and-restore business-process-management
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Online Android iPhone iPad
  • Talend

  • Talend leverages the open source model to make data integration available to all types of organizations, regardless of their size, level of expertise or budgetary constraints. Talend’s solutions connect to all source and target systems and they can be downloaded at no cost. Talend also offers data quality solutions, fully complementary to its data integration solutions.

    tags: business-intelligence data-analysis data-mining integration business-and-commerce
    platform: Windows Linux
  • OneSaas

  • OneSaas connects over 50 cloud applications so you can easily find the application you use and set up an integration.

    tags: business-intelligence customer-relationship-manager data-analysis data-integration database-management
    platform: Online
  • ql.io


    tags: data-analysis integration data-mining data-integration etl
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux
  • apatar

  • Apatar is an open source data integration and ETL tool written in Java, with powerful Extract, Transform and Load capabilities, that enables anyone to join their on-premise data sources with the Web without coding.

    tags: amazon-s3 api data-integration database-management etl
    platform: Windows Linux
  • Kettle Pentaho

  • Spend 90% less on your next Business Intelligence project with Pentaho Reporting, Analysis, Dashboards, Data Integration / ETL, and Data Mining.

    tags: data-analysis database-management data-integration etl etl-tool
    platform: Windows Linux
  • CloverETL

  • CloverETL is data integration platform based on Java open source ETL tool. It can also be used for data migration, data cleansing and other data transformation tasks.

    tags: data-integration data-migration etl-tool data-warehousing data-cleansing
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux Java Mobile
  • Jitterbit

  • Simple, Cost-Effective, Open Source Business Integration, Data Integration, and Application Integration to connect ERP, CRM, Databases, Web Services and other On Demand SaaS systems.

    tags: database software-as-a-service customer-relationship-manager enterprise-resource-planning data-integration
    platform: Windows Linux
  • snaplogic

  • Simplified & cost effective data integration in the cloud! Connect enterprise applications & data sources: ERP, CRM, databases, SaaS & Cloud services in a snap!

    tags: customer-relationship-manager enterprise-resource-planning integration etl
    platform: Online
  • Flashnode

  • Flashnode connects your business applications with ease. With focus on Accounting, Flashnode helps SMEs around the world to simplify eg. order processing steps, eliminating unnecessary repetitive manual steps. The SME friendly pricing, from 19 EUR/month, guarantees a fast ROI for all companies using the service.

    tags: accounting automated-tasks automation data-integration ecommerce-integration
    platform: Online
  • Scriptella ETL

  • Scriptella is an open source ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) and script execution tool written in Java.

    tags: Portable etl
    platform: Mac OS X Windows Linux
  • Co>Operating System

  • The Co>Operating System is the foundation for all of Ab Initio's technologies, including the Enterprise Meta>Environment, Continuous>Flows, Conduct>It, Business Rules Environment, and more. These technologies provide a complete and seamless application development and execution environment.

    tags: application-development data-cleansing data-extraction data-integration data-mining
    platform: Windows
  • ConnectWise

  • ConnectWise offers IT organizations hosted business automation software to sell, manage, implement, deliver and bill IT products and services to lower costs and increase revenue. The #1 Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution

    tags: automation business-process-management connectwise it-psa
    platform: Online
  • Epicor ERP

  • Discover how Epicor’s ERP system is designed with Epicor TrueSOA for flexible global business management. Epicor raises technology to a level that delivers an unprecedented ERP system that supports continuous performance through real-time, in-context Business Insight. At the core of Epicor is an adaptable and collaborative Business Architecture that satisfies the needs of any enterprise—regardless of country, industry, or device—to enable Business Anywhere.

    tags: enterprise-resource-planning business-management psa
    platform: Online
  • IBM InfoSphere BigInsights

  • IBM InfoSphere BigInsights brings the power of Hadoop to the enterprise. Apache Hadoop is the open source software framework, used to reliably managing large volumes of structured and unstructured data. BigInsights enhances this technology to withstand the demands of your enterprise, adding administrative, workflow, provisioning, and security features, along with best-in-class analytical capabilities from IBM Research. The result is that you get a more developer and user-friendly solution for complex, large scale analytics. »

    tags: business-intelligence data-analysis database-management big-data data-integration
    platform: Linux Online