Zora gives landlords a way to remove guesswork from the rental process and save time by automating the most tedious tasks and providing landlords w...

Zora gives landlords the tools they need to cut rental vacancies, prevent defaults and streamline the most tedious tasks in renting. Built with in Halifax & Las Vegas © 2016 Zora Computing Inc.

Zora alternatives

  • Landlordy

  • Landlordy is an app for landlords who take care of managing their properties, tenants and rentals by themselves.

    tags: easy-to-use expense-tracking landlords-software lease-software mobile-optimized
    platform: iPhone iPad

  • ADDA provides every tool needed for smooth and efficient running of any Residential Community. On one hand there is the ADDA App, a private social ...

    tags: apartment-billing apartment-management-software apartment-residents-group apartment-security-software society-accounting
    platform: Online Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad
  • Buildium

  • Buildium's software helps property management companies become more efficient and profitable. Start your free trial today, no credit card required!

    tags: property-management property-management-system rental-property-management
    platform: Online Android
  • Simplifyem

  • Simplifyem Property Management Software is a friendly, customer focused company obsessed with serving property managers, landlords and real estate ...

    tags: property-management rental-property-management
    platform: Online
  • Rentingsmart

  • Managing your own rental properties can lead to a life full of headaches. Late rent money, angry tenants and broken plumbing are just a few of your...

    tags: property-management rental-property-management
    platform: Online
  • @Assist

  • @Assist was founded in 2009 by a property manager. Audrey Charles started by doing what all property managers did, managed her tenants on paper. He...

    tags: accounting bookkeeping property-management property-management-software property-management-system
    platform: Online
  • Landlordmax

  • LandlordMax: Property Management Software to manage your real estate rental properties.

    tags: property-management rental-property-management income-property-management real-estate-investing
    platform: Mac OS X Windows
  • Logitout

  • You have lots of keys and assets that are lent out of your business daily, you need a system that can handle this data super-fast and super easy.

    tags: asset-management asset-management-software asset-tracking cloud-based customizable-reporting
    platform: Online
  • Property Matrix

  • Property Matrix is a cloud-based property management solution geared towards apartment complexes, multi-family unit and commercial properties. It o...

    tags: finance-management income-property-management landlords-software property-management property-management-software
    platform: iPhone iPad
  • PropertyMe

  • PropertyMe is an online property management software. It allows property owners to manage their properties with simple online software and allows t...

    tags: property-management property-management-system
    platform: Online
  • Propertyware

  • Online Property Management - Our Online Property Management provides online property management tools for all aspects of property management. All w...

    tags: property-management rental-property-management landlords-software
    platform: Online
  • RealPage

  • RealPage provides property management software to the multifamily, commercial, and single-family and vacation rental housing industries. www.realpa...

    tags: facilities-management finance-management income-property-management landlords-software property-management
    platform: iPhone
  • Rentograph

  • Simplifying life for Landlords and Renters. Pay and collect rent online. Manage your properties. Be happier.

    tags: finances online-payment payment-processing payments rental-property-management
    platform: Online
  • Visual Lease

  • Visual Lease was created by Fortune 500 managers that saw a need for a system that organizes all lease information in a central place. Keeps track ...

    tags: contacts-management forms property-management rental-property-management property-management-system
    platform: Online